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Editor's choice

Photonic cellulose goes iridescent Apr 11, 2018

Sub-micron architectures in a cellulose derivative produce bright, structural colours.

Technology update

Plasmonic windows by design

Creating energy-saving glasses and films based on nanocrystals that block all ultraviolet and infrared radiation while remaining transparent to visible light

Upconverting nanophosphors make good radiotracers

NaYF4 particles could be ideal in theranostic applications and targeted in vivo imaging

Atomic force microscope makes single-electron current meter

IBM team measures the energy levels of single molecules on insulators for the first time

Bose–Einstein condensate forms in a nanoparticle lattice

First ever BEC of light coupled with metal electrons might find use in information processing and imaging

Grain boundaries give inorganic perovskites huge potential

Researchers manipulate the ferroelectric effect in a clever composite to tune the efficiency of a metal oxide perovskite solar cell

Connecting the physical and digital worlds

Watch Davor Sutija, CEO of Thin Film Electronics, describe developments helping near-field communications technology bring brands to consumers.

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Superconductivity showcase

        Indepth - superconductivity pairing up with nanotechnology     Tech Update - High-temperature superconductivity gets agile     blog - Superconductivity research gets more structure

Click the images for an indepth feature, a tech update news story, and a blog on nanotechnology in superconductivity reseach.

Nano Futures journal

Nano Futures™ is a multidisciplinary, high-impact journal publishing fundamental and applied research at the forefront of nanoscience and technological innovation.


Structural evolution dynamics in fusion of sumanenes and corannulenes: defects formation and self-healing mechanism

Anastassia Sorkin and Haibin Su

Nano Futures 2 025001

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Higher-eigenmode piezoresponse force microscopy: a path towards increased sensitivity and the elimination of electrostatic artifacts

Gordon A MacDonald, Frank W DelRio and Jason P Killgore

Nano Futures 2 015005

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In depth

Getting to business with coatings looks into the range of coating technologies hitting the market and the issues affecting businesses large and small.

Superconductivity - pairing up with nanotechnology

Nanostructures remain crucial both in attempts to better understand superconductivity, as well as efforts to apply it.


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NuNano out the lab: Commercialising AFM probe production

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