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Lithography and etching

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Surface Technology Systems plc Jan 21, 2008

Manufacturer of plasma (ICP & RIE) etch and (PECVD) deposition systems for R&D or volume production applications. Technologies include the market-leading ASE® (or DRIE) and other enabling processes used in MEMS, nanofabrication and packaging.

Nanotech Interface Jan 11, 2008

Nanotech Interface provide consulting services in the area of coating, printing and nanomaterials applications.

El-Mul Technologies Oct 30, 2007

El-Mul makes the fastest, most versatile particle detectors and devices for the world's leading labs and instrument makers.

Obducat AB Oct 19, 2007

Obducat is on the technological forefront of nano- and micro scale structure production. We develop and supply technologies, equipment, processes, and services within nano imprint- and electron beam lithography, used for both research as well as…

JEOL(Skandinaviska)AB Oct 16, 2007

JEOL manufactures and services a broad line of electron optical tools. These include electron beam (EB) lithography systems, scanning and transmission electron microscopes (SEM and TEM), and more. The EB lithography tools include vector-scanned…

INEX Oct 16, 2007

Provider of product development services from concept to pilot production to full production in MEMS, bio-MEMS, and NEMS products. Also offering a specialised incubator programme for spin-outs, startups and SMEs worldwide. Joint research and…

FEI Company/FEI Electron Optics Oct 16, 2007

FEI's Tools for Nanotech, featuring focused ion- and electron-beam technologies, deliver 3D characterization, analysis and modification capabilities with resolution down to the sub-Ångström level. With R&D centers in North America and Europe,…

RAVE LLC Oct 3, 2007

Rave is a semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer of ultra microfinishing and advanced photomask repair systems. Nanobit technology and nanomachining solutions for the high technology marketplace.

Qudos Technology ( Quick Design On Silicon) Oct 3, 2007

Qudos Technology Ltd. was founded in 1985 and is at the forefront of Micro and Nano Technology. Qudos provides Research and Development as well as prototype production facilities for a worldwide customer base. Qudos Technology Ltd. is a UK…

Nanometrix, Inc. Oct 3, 2007

Nanometrix has developed a new patent pending process and the necessary machinery to produce ultra-thin 2-dimensional continuous Films. Here is the easiest way to understand the immense potential of Nanometrix: Versus other thin-film production…

Nanonex Corp Oct 3, 2007

Nanonex offers nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tools, resists, masks and consulting which are all being used in both research and manufacturing by industry and academia. Nanonex's NIL products offer sub-10 nm features, 3D patterns, large area…

LASEROPTIK GmbH Oct 2, 2007

LASEROPTIK is a manufacturer of high power optics and coatings for lasers and for laser components and substrates. LASEROPTIKS's field of competence: customized high power components for YAG (1064nm/532nm/355nm/266nm) Coatings and components for…

Hymite A/S Oct 2, 2007

Hymite A/S ( Hymite A/S is the first company to offer wafer-scale silicon packaging technology for electronics applications. They design, develop and manufacture innovative silicon-based wafer-scale packages for high-volume…

Sigma-Aldrich Oct 2, 2007

Sigma-Aldrich is the leading supplier of products for materials science research and high technology manufacturing. We offer high-purity materials for micro/nanoelectronics including electronic grade solvents and CVD/ALD precursors, as well as…

Capovani Brothers Inc. Oct 2, 2007

Capovani Brothers Inc. is at heart a buyer, refurbisher, and seller of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Benchmark Technologies Oct 2, 2007

Benchmark Technologies has built a solid reputation as the semiconductor industry's leading supplier of masks, reticles and related services for virtually all phases of lithography. We also specialize in providing custom products and services to…

ClassOne Equipment, Inc. Oct 2, 2007

ClassOne Equipment specializes in buying and selling high quality preowned equipment to the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology Industries including MEMS, Compound Semiconductors, Optoelectronics, Microelectronics, Science, and Technology. We focus…

CiDRA Precision Services Oct 2, 2007

CiDRA Precision Services specializes in custom manufacturing of ultra-precise (micron level) machined components and assemblies made from difficult to machine materials such as: glass, quartz, ceramics, sapphires, hard metals, and nitinol.

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. Oct 1, 2007

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. is an established manufacturer and system integrator of advanced photonics products for scientific and industrial applications.

EnviroEtch Corporation Oct 1, 2007

EnviroEtch (TM) provides a method of continuously etching the top surface of flat substrates, quickly and efficiently. Designed for post-diffusion etching of oxide from the surface of solar cells, this revolutionary system accepts belt-to-belt…

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