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Scanning probe microscopy

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RHK Technology Oct 2, 2007

RHK Technology develops and manufactures a complete line of scanning probe microscopes for the performance and customization needs of research scientists around the world. The SPM industry leader in innovation, reliability, open architecture, and…

Accurion Inc Oct 2, 2007

Accurion is a US based provider of imaging ellipsometes for analysis and microscopy of thin films, surfaces and interfaces in materials research, label-free characterization of biochips and microarrays, protein adsorption, flat panel displays,…

WITec GmbH Oct 1, 2007

WITec is manufacturer of high performance equipment for scientific and industrial applications focused on new solutions for Optical and Scanning Probe Microscopy (Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopes, Confocal Scanning Microscopes, Raman-CSM,…

Malvern Instruments Ltd Oct 1, 2007

Malvern Instruments is a leading worldwide supplier of instruments for particle characterization for the laboratory and process markets. Malvern offers a range of instruments for characterizing nanoparticles and for determining particle size,…

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. Oct 1, 2007

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. is an established manufacturer and system integrator of advanced photonics products for scientific and industrial applications.

American Elements Oct 1, 2007

American Elements is the world leader in materials science know-how. The American Elements website has been a source for academic investigation and research for over a decade. Our fundamental expertise in the properties, applications, and…

Applied Surface Technologies Oct 1, 2007

CO2 Snow Cleaning is a precision cleaning instrument - a safe & nondestructive process for removing contamination from surfaces. The CO2 Snow Jet cleaning process is a simple, yet novel, surface cleaning process that can remove particles of all…

Anfatec Instruments AG Oct 1, 2007

The Anfatec Instruments AG is an established German company producing and distributing instrumentation for surface science. The product range implies scanning probe instruments like AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes) systems and STM (Scanning…

Advanced Technologies Center Oct 1, 2007

Our company produces a full range of scanning probe microscopes - STM, AFM, with resonant (tapping) modes, working on air and in liquids in controlled environment, low-temperature versions are also available. Software for SPM data processing is…

Image Metrology Oct 1, 2007

Over the years, the Scanning Probe Image Processor, SPIP™, has become the de-facto standard for image processing at nanoscale. SPIP is a modular software package offered as a basic module and 14 optional add-ons dedicated to specific…


NANOSENSORS is the pioneer of AFM probe manufacturing, offering premium AFM probes and supplies for the highest possible standards and requirements in Atomic Force Microscopy. NANOSENSORS™ launches new Silicon MFM Probe Series Neuchâtel,…

Nano and More Oct 1, 2007

NanoAndMore is a leading supplier of various kinds of equipment and consumables for nanotechnology research, including AFM Probes, Optical Microscopy Equipment, Particle Size Analysis Equipment, AFM Imaging Software and Vibration Isolation Equipment.

Nano World Oct 1, 2007

Swiss NanoWorld is a leading manufacturer of AFM probes and supplies AFM tips for all kinds of Atomic Force Microscopy Applications.

APE Research Oct 1, 2007

APE Research is a developer and manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes and supplement, especially for life science applications and surface imaging.

SPECS Scientific Instruments, Inc Sep 28, 2007

Bio and Nano Technology, NanoAnalysis, NanoManipulation, NanoSpectrocopy, NanoMotion, Digital Robotics, GC/MS LC/MS, Surface Analysis Instruments and Materials Deposition Equipment for XPS, STM, AFM, LT-STM, MBE, CVD, ALD, OLED, PLD, 3D Laser Atom…

SPECS GmbH Sep 28, 2007

Located in the middle of Berlin, Germany, Specs GmbH designs and manufactures cutting-edge components and systems for surface analysis and nanotechnology, based on spectroscopic and imaging methods like XPS, UPS, AES, SNMS, LEED, HREELS, LEEM/PEEM…

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