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  1. Ion Flood Gun for Surface Preparation
    Henniker Scientific Ltd. Mar 10, 2010

    The ion flood source IS 40C1 is a compact, easy-to-use UHV extractor type ion source for sample surface cleaning.

  2. IS40E1 Focussed Ion Gun for SIMS/XPS
    Henniker Scientific Ltd. Mar 9, 2010

    The IS 40E1 scanning ion source is a two lens extractor type focussed ion gun for depth profiling in SIMS/XPS/ESCA applications.

  3. EBV 40A1 Electron Beam Evaporator
    Henniker Scientific Ltd. Mar 9, 2010

    Compact single and multi-cell E-beam evaporator for thin film MBE growth applications.

  4. UVS40A2 Ultra-Violet Source for UPS
    Henniker Scientific Ltd. Mar 9, 2010

    Low cost, high intensity UV source for ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy. Used & specified by many OEM manufacturers worldwide.

  5. RS40B1 twin anode X-Ray Source
    Henniker Scientific Ltd. Mar 9, 2010

    The RS 40B1 UHV X-ray source is a new, high intensity twin anode Al/Mg UHV X-ray source optimised for XPS experiments.

  6. Custom Surface Preparation & Analysis Systems
    Henniker Scientific Ltd. Mar 9, 2010

    Our custom, multi-technique UHV systems combine a wide range of thin film deposition/growth and UHV surface analysis techniques into a single, versatile system that doesn't cost the earth.

  7. Mirror tilting system PKS 1
    Piezosystem Jena GmbH Mar 5, 2010

    The solid and constant positioning of an optical controlled Laser is a technical challenge that is now solved by the new mirror tilting system PKS1, developed by piezosystem jena.

  8. BNC Coaxial To Fiber Video Converter
    Dailianxu Engineering Company Mar 5, 2010

    BNC coaxial to fiber video converter,multi channel Video for CCTV fixed cameras,support 128channels video signals over one fiber.

  9. Miniature 6-Axis Robot / Parallel Kinematics Hexapod Nano-Alignment System
    PI (Physik Instrumente) Piezo Nano Positioning Feb 25, 2010

    Nanopositioning specialist PI has shown its latest 6-axis robotics precision alignment system - the M-810 parallel kinematics Hexapod at the Photonics West conference.

  10. The NEW J A Woollam T-Solar™ Ellipsometer
    LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd Feb 24, 2010

    - Optimised to measure the widest range of Photovoltaic Thin Films

  11. Precision Optical Components
    DeLn Optics Co.,Ltd.(China) Feb 17, 2010

    We specialize in the manufacture of precision optical components. including spherical lenses, ball lens, cylindrical lenses, windows, prisms, filters, mirrors, waveplates, crystals etc.

  12. Microspectrophotometry of OLEDs advances with Elliot Scientific
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Feb 5, 2010

    Elliot Scientific is introducing the QDI 302 microscope spectrophotometer from CRAIC Technologies into the UK to measure the spectral output, intensity and colour consistency of OLED pixels.

  13. Elliot Scientific now offer Heating/Cooling of Microspectrophotometer Samples
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Feb 5, 2010

    A Thermal Stage, available through Elliot Scientific, enables scientists to analyze transmission, reflectance or fluorescence spectra of microscopic samples under conditions of extreme cold or heat.

  14. New, Small Core High Power Multimode Mid-IR fibre from Elliot Scientific
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Feb 5, 2010

    The H100 mid-IR fibre offers a spectral transmission from 0.3 to 4.5 µm with low attenuation and no spectral absorption peak. Its 100 µm core enables high power handling over a small bend radius.

  15. Piezo-Nanopositioning System for SR-Microscopy: Slide Scanner for Bio-Nanotech
    PI (Physik Instrumente) Piezo Nano Positioning Feb 1, 2010

    PI introduced the new P-736 nanopositioning piezo Z-scanner stage at the 2010 BIOS /

  16. LOT offer a new range of standard monochromatic light source packages
    LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd Jan 18, 2010

    Configuring a complete monochromatic light source with its various options can be a difficult task which is why LOT now offer a range of standard monochromator light source packages.

  17. NEW Abet "Class AAA" Sun 3000 Solar Simulators
    LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd Dec 3, 2009

    Unrivalled illumination efficiency with comprehensive specification at no extra cost

  18. NEW LEJ Light Source for fluorescence excitation in Microscopy
    LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd Nov 19, 2009

    This compact device is the ideal external light source for fluorescence excitation in microscopy.

  19. A NEW comprehensive range of light source packages and accessories from LOT
    LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd Nov 10, 2009

    Choosing the right light source for a specific application requires a detailed knowledge about the application and specifications regarding sample illumination and modern light source technology.

  20. Nanopositioning goes 24 Bit: USB Interface and High-Resolution DA/AD Converters
    PI (Physik Instrumente) Piezo Nano Positioning Oct 5, 2009

    Piezo system specialist PI introduces a new generation of 24-bit resolution, nanopositioning stage controllers. They will enable <100 picometer command resolution even for long-travel stages (>1mm).

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