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Memory structures (including spintronics)

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  1. Sigle-Mode Duplex SC-SC Fiber Patch Cord
    Stable Technology Co,Ltd Apr 11, 2011

    They are mainly used on patch panel or for the connection between outlets and terminal equipments.The quality of connectors and fibers are mainly determined by the insertion loss and return loss.

  2. Optic Distribution Frame ODF-R48
    Stable Technology Co,Ltd Apr 11, 2011

    Optic Distribution Frame ODF-R48

  3. Perspectives of Mesoscopic Physics
    World Scientific Publishing Co. Apr 7, 2011

    Dedicated to Yoseph Imry's 70th Birthday
    edited by Amnon Aharony (Ben Gurion University, Israel) & Ora Entin-Wohlman (Ben Gurion University, Israel)

  4. Nanomagnetism And Spintronics
    World Scientific Publishing Co. Apr 7, 2011

    Fabrication, Materials, Characterization and Applications
    edited by Farzad Nasirpouri (Sahand University of Technology, Iran) & Alain Nogaret (University of Bath, UK)

  5. NT-MDT NTEGRA Spectra AFM-Raman system
    Scanwel Ltd. Mar 29, 2011

    Integrates Atomic Force Microscopy with Raman spectroscopy and optical microscopy to give information on topography, electrical, mechanical, magnetic and chemical properties in a single experiment

  6. Nano-Positioning and Piezo Technology Solutions for Medical Design
    PI (Physik Instrumente) Piezo Nano Positioning Jan 5, 2011

    Piezo & Motion Control Specialist PI has published a brochure on advanced motion control solutions for medical design

  7. Fiber Optic Splitter PLC Types
    Sunrise Intl Sep 29, 2010

    Fiber optic splitter is used to split one beam of optical fiber light into several parts at a certain ratio.

  8. Single mode to Multimode Fiber Optic Converter
    Sunrise Intl Sep 29, 2010

    We develop the single mode to multimode fiber converters for Gigabit network.

  9. Fiber Optic Video Transmitter/Receiver/Converter
    Sunrise Intl Sep 29, 2010

    fiber-optic video transceivers can simultaneously transmit different channels of 8-bit digitally encoded video/audio/Ethernet/Telephone/Dry contact over optical fiber.

  10. Hiden Ion Milling Probe – End Point Detector
    Hiden Analytical Limited Sep 28, 2010

    The only dedicated end point determination tool for ion etch control & optimum process quality.

  11. Bending Insensitive Fiber Optic Patch Cord for FTTH
    Exfiber Optical Technologies Co.,Ltd Apr 14, 2010

    This new type indoor use fiber patch cord adopt bend insensitive fiber optic cable and are designed for FTTH networks.

  12. Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras for Optical Video Transmission
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 23, 2010

    they are with advanced auto tracking based on your pre-defined object size, motion speed, grey levels, multiple protocol selection.used in fiber optic video transmissions.

  13. CCTV Fixed Cameras Video Transmission over Optical Fibers
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 23, 2010

    This product is used in CCTV fixed camera transmission video over fiber optics,single fixed camera to video monitor.

  14. Mixed Fixed Camera with PTZ camera Video via Optical Fiber
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 23, 2010

    Fiber optic video & data transmitter applitican: mixed fixed camera with PTZ camera over fiber optics to video monitor,flexible to use,suit for public sites security monitoring.

  15. Single Channel Video/Audio/Data Optical Fiber Multiplexer
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 23, 2010

    It is designed for applications that demand high quality video (12 bit), audio (24 bit) and data transmission over fiber.

  16. 64 Channel Wideband BNC to Fiber Optic Video Multiplexer
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 22, 2010

    BNC Coaxial to Fiber Optic Video Converter,digital video/audio optical transmitter and receiver

  17. Multimode to Single mode Media Converter and Extender for Gigabit Ethernet
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 22, 2010

    This Gigabit media converters is for the conversion between multi-mode and single mode fiber links,and it can works as optical extender.

  18. Sealed Optical Fiber Interconnect Closures
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 22, 2010

    The splice module and closures could increase patch and splice densities.100% sealed and waterproof, suit for under water use.

  19. Tunable Bandpass Optical Filter
    China Beyond Optical Cable Company Mar 22, 2010

    Tunable Bandpass Fiber Optic Filter is used to adjust the center wavelength of a narrow passband within a 30 nm range around 1550 nm.

  20. Precision Optical Components
    DeLn Optics Co.,Ltd.(China) Feb 17, 2010

    We specialize in the manufacture of precision optical components. including spherical lenses, ball lens, cylindrical lenses, windows, prisms, filters, mirrors, waveplates, crystals etc.

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