The awards recognize and celebrate companies in the UK and Ireland that have built their success on physics-based innovations.


Instrument maker Naneum, founded in 2005, has been busy developing products that make it much easier to measure airborne nanoparticles outside of the lab. The firm's portable devices are easy to transport to the source of the nanoparticles and can be used by any well trained operator. Key components of the instrument include an electrostatic size classifier and condensation particle counter. Robert Muir, managing director of Naneum, takes up the story below.

ZBD Displays

LCD innovator ZBD displays received an award for its nanotextured LCD panels, which are now being deployed in the retail sector. In a typical LCD display, when the device is switched off, the pixels all relax back to their original state. However, in ZBD devices a sub-micron texture holds the liquid crystal in either its black or white state to preserve the image, even when the power is removed. Each display unit can be updated remotely using a two-way RF transceiver. Cliff Jones, co-founder of ZBD Displays, explains how the system works in the following clip.

For the full list of this year's winners, visit the IOP Innovation Awards homepage.