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AMIR-UCL workshop
Opening address: Alex Shluger of UCL (credit: Yasufumi Nakamichi/AIMR, Tohoku University)
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Featured researchers

• Masaru Tsukada, administrative director of AIMR and workshop co-organizer, talks about the Choshu Five.

• Alex Shluger, professor of physics at UCL and workshop co-organizer, outlines the event and related collaborations.

• Taro Hitosugi talks about the low-temperature scanning tunnelling microscope for high-quality crystal imaging in his lab at AIMR.

• Tadafumi Adschiri, also based at AIMR, introduces his research into inorganic-organic nanomaterial synthesis at supercritical conditions and high-density nanoparticle loading in hybrid polymers.

• Yasmine S. Al-Hamdani, an EngD student at UCL, shares her thoughts on the day's talks and looks at the broad links to her own work, which focuses on chemically-doped graphene.

• Gabriele Tocci, from UCL's Interfaces: Catalytic & Environmental group, talks about his research on water interactions with 2D materials and collaborations in the context of the day's celebration of the Choshu Five.

• Motoko Kotani, director of AIMR, talks about mathematical contributions to materials research.

• Nobuaki Aoki, who works in the Soft Materials group at AIMR, discusses his research in hydrothermal nanoparticle synthesis and highlights the opportunities and challenges for collaborations between experimentalists and theoreticians.

• Neal Skipper, head of the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics group at UCL, talks about his work on carbon nanomaterials and emphasises how careful matching of research interests has lead to fruitful discussions during the workshop.

• Kazue Kurihara, an advocate for multi-disciplinary research at Tohoku University in Japan, talks about her research into nanoscopic surface forces and how collaborating with people from different disciplines can lead to a deeper understanding of key topics.

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