Taking the advantage of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) as a drug-delivery system, researchers led by Zhaoxia Jin at Renmin University of China have developed a novel "cargo vessel" for POMs to improve their stability. Through the layer-by-layer self-assembly of oppositely charged POM-modified SWNTs and biodegradable chitosan, the group has fabricated multilayer thin films for stabilizing POMs and enabling controlled release. The (POM-SWNTs/chitosan)n multilayer thin films present a higher loading capacity of POMs in chitosan and a suppressed burst release of POMs in physiological pH environments. Another benefit of the constructed delivery system relates to the use of enzyme-responsive biodegradable chitosan, which means that this system can be gradually degraded by a specific enzyme.

The group believes that its (POM-SWNTs/chitosan)n thin films may provide a new path to the construction implantable drug release systems.

The researchers presented their work in Nanotechnology .