The particles prepared by Xinguo Jiang’s group, which is based at Fudan University, China, consisted of a lipid surface and a core of conjugated albumin and lapatinib. This method is suitable not only for lapatinib, but also for the whole drug family. According to unpublished data, the relative bioavailability of LTNPs in rats was more than 20-fold compared with Tykerb, the commercially available tablet.

Combining the passive targeting effect of nanoparticles and the receptor-mediated targeting effect of albumin, the team’s nanoparticles displayed an improved anti-glioma effect compared with the conventional drug. To deliver an equal anti-glioma effect, the cumulative dose of nanoparticles was only 5% of the Tykerb formulation.

Additional information can be found in the journal Nanotechnology.