A decantation process allowed the group to remove directly the unwanted nanoparticles without major effort and waste of solvents.

The spray-coating deposition step used to fabricate the electrodes was realized at room temperature under ambient pressure and without annealing. The performance of the silver nanowire electrodes was comparable to the figure of merit for ITO, with additional benefits of high flexibility and transparency in the infrared spectrum.

Test device

Several interesting proof-of-concepts have already been realized using silver nanowires, such as the fabrication of thin-film heaters or integration into photovoltaic cells or PLEDs. Here, the team showed that the electrodes can be used to fabricate efficiently operative transparent sensors relying on capacitive technology.

The touchpad test device was able to give absolute responses (yes or no) for patterned specific areas, or modulate outputs such as LED intensity thanks to changes in capacitance during measurement (see multimedia).

Additional information can be found in the journal Nanotechnology.