A multidisciplinary team, led by Shenqiang Ren, has succeeded in growing high-quality micron-sized pyrite crystals through a new hybrid method. The team found that a molecular ink of iron sulfide (FeS) nanowires can be employed to create films that can then be sulfurized.

Temperature and time dependence

Annealed films show vastly different phase and crystallinity dependent on temperature and time. These crystals allow for studies on the growth of pyrite crystals within the film by examining the temperature and time-dependent grain size. Temperature- and time-dependent growth models are obtained for this unique system.

Moreover, the team found that unique thermal measurements of pyrite crystal give an insight into the crystallinity and thermoconductivity; all of which will contribute to potential pyrite energy-critical applications, and promise to take its place as the "golden" material for future energy needs.

More information can be found in the journal Nanotechnology 25 205603.

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