The award-winning Cypher Atomic Force Microscope is the first completely new small sample AFM/SPM in over a decade and is the world’s highest resolution AFM. The Cypher AFM achieves closed loop atomic resolution using sensors in all three axes, combining the accuracy and control of closed loop with atomic resolution for the most accurate images and measurements possible today. In addition to its superior capabilities for imaging and measurement, Cypher breaks down ease-of-use barriers with its exclusive point-and-click SpotOn™ automated laser and photodetector alignment. Additional unique capabilities include interchangeable light source modules that allow laser spot sizes down to 3µm for broad application and scan mode flexibility, support for high-speed AC imaging (>10× faster) with cantilevers smaller than 10µm, and sub-picoNewton force measurements. The system also includes an integrated enclosure which provides acoustic and vibration isolation, as well as excellent thermal control for image and measurement stability. Cypher has been awarded the R&D100 New Products Award, the Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award, and the Laboratory Equipment Readers’ Choice Award.

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“Cypher is by far the best, most stable and most configurable AFM I have ever used.” Andras Kis, EPFL Switzerland

“Cypher is the best AFM I have ever used. For our group it has allowed seamless integration of spectroscopic modes for probing contact mechanics in polymers, ionic diffusion in energy storage and generation materials, and polarization switching in ferroelectrics and multiferroics in one flexible, high-stability platform. Cypher makes the work we do possible.” Stephen Jesse, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

“Our new Cypher system is exceptional in terms of performance, automation, imaging speed and ease of use. I’m already recommending Cypher to my AFM colleagues.” Bryan Huey, University of Connecticut

“Market reaction to the Cypher AFM has been phenomenal and, along with the continued success of our MFP-3D AFM family, has resulted in record sales results for Asylum Research. Following on Cypher’s R&D100 and Lab Equipment Awards, the Frost & Sullivan Award further validates our belief that the Cypher system outclasses and outperforms anything else on the market,” stated Dr. Roger Proksch, President of Asylum Research.