Part I

We talk to our panel about how nanoscale structures lend themselves to the development of alternative energy sources, such as conversion of waste energy, as well as one of the industry's most prominent challenges – how to store energy.

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Part II

Our panellists discuss some of the tricky issues surrounding the use of nanotechnology with respect to safeguarding environmental health – whether the risk posed is as great as sometimes suggested, and how to minimise risks that working with nanotechnology may raise.

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Part III

We ask what areas of nanotechnology research are most promising for tackling energy issues in the future and discuss translation of research from the lab to the market place, integration of new technologies and different size scales, and safe implementation.

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Professor Mildred Dresselhaus

Professor Mildred Dresselhaus is Professor Emerita of Physics and Computer Science and Engineering at Massachussetts Institute of Technology in the US. Often referred to as the 'Queen of carbon science' she is the recipient of 28 honorary doctorates.

Professor George Gruner

Professor George Gruner is Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is the founder of several companies, and a prolific author on new materials, clean energy and the interface between nano and biotechnology.

Professor Zhong Lin Wang

Professor Zhong Lin Wang is Professor of the Nanoscience Research Group at Georgia Institute of Technology and one of the most cited authors in nanotechnology research, focusing on oxide nanostructures and their applications in energy, electronics, optoelectronics and biology.

Professor Andrew Maynard

Professor Andrew Maynard holds the NSF's International Chair of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Michigan and directs the Risk Science Center. He is an internationally recognized leader in research on implications of nanotechnology to health and the environment.

These podcasts first appeared in the journal Nanotechnology.