Nanopolis, built in 2013, is currently the world’s largest hub of nanotech innovation and commercialization. Located in Suzhou, China, it covers an area of 100 acres with a planned construction area of a further 1.5 million m2. Research at Nanopolis embraces all aspects of nanotechnology with particular emphasis on nanomaterials.

Mesolight is a subsdiary of Suzhou Xingshuo Nanotech Co., Ltd and is based at Nanopolis. The company develops quantum dots for a range of applications with a particular focus on displays. As Yunjun Wang says, “Quantum-dot synthesis is tricky because we still don’t know exactly what is inside these structures and what is happening.”

Click on the movie to see Dr Wang, founder and CEO of Mesolight, demonstrate some of the cutting-edge quantum dot products they have developed.

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