This year's top five stories -

1. Nanohorns behave as antiviral agents

Antiviral activity

Real-time footage shows laser-driven carbon nanohorns eliminating a target virus.

2. IBM develops tiniest nanophotonic switch

Resetting network

Device could be used to route optical data in future computer chips.

3. DIY solar cells on tour

Right here, right now

Nanostructured device can be made by anyone in 15 minutes under ambient conditions.

4. SWNTs remove bacteria and viruses from water

E. Coli cells retained on the group's SWNT filter

Single-walled carbon nanotube filter in the pipeline to clean up water.

5. Carbon tubes without the 'nano'

Colossal carbon tube

New structures are 30 times stronger than Kevlar, say researchers.

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