The glass matrix allows the silver nanoparticles to act quickly to provide safe, fast and total disinfection using only a small amount of silver. This is due to the synergetic contribution of the calcium ions (50 ppm) lixiviated from the glass.

The fraction of silver lixiviated from the glass powder during the bactericide test, in all cases (gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria and yeast), was found to be very low (<28 ppm) and is far below the toxicity level. Sectors that could benefit from this new universal inorganic biocide material include health, agriculture, food and public areas.

The group is currently focusing its research activity on the nature of the mentioned synergetic contribution, and other possible glass/nMetal powder systems.

Sepiolite is a magnesium silicate clay mineral with its larger deposit located in Madrid, Spain.

The researchers presented their work in Nanotechnology.