The report predicts that in 2006 beer packaging will use the highest weight of nanocomposites, at 3 million lbs, followed by meats and carbonated soft drinks. By 2011, meanwhile, the total figure will reach almost 100 million lbs. Carbonated soft drinks will be the number one consumer of nanocomposite packaging in 2011, at 50 million lbs, followed by beer, and in joint third place, meats and package foods/condiments.

Other nanocomposite packaging applications discussed in the report include cheese, juice, pet food, electronics, pharmaceuticals and household appliance/auto.

Nanoclay technologies can improve a packaging material's oxygen-, carbon dioxide-, moisture- and odour-barrier characteristics, while carbon nanotubes and fullerenes can increase strength and electrostatic dissipation, a feature useful for packaging electronic products.

The report "Nanocomposites for packaging: new frontiers and future opportunities" costs $3500.