For commercially viable applications to be realized, there is a pressing need for industrial and academic collaboration to drive the scale up production of graphene, building on successful laboratory fabrication techniques. Steps including the initiation of material standardization to ensure quality control must be enacted, along with identification of the bottlenecks in upscaling production so graphene can realize its revolutionary potential.

Following the success of the inaugural event in the series in London, UK, this June, Graphene Commercialization and Applications 2013 is coming to San Mateo, US, December 10-11 and is the first congress bringing together speakers from companies actively pursuing graphene integration, alongside leading research experts and pioneering academics, to assess graphene’s potential through the lens of its applications.

The congress will evaluate commercial opportunities to drive this breakthrough material through the scale up of production, by addressing technical hurdles in application development, examining material properties and revealing cutting edge scientific breakthroughs shedding light on the timelines for mass application.

Speaker include:

Mike Strano, Leader, Strano Research Group, MIT
Seungmin Cho, Principal Research Engineer, Samsung Techwin
Rodney Ruoff, Director, The Ruoff Group, UT Austin
Walter de Heer, Leader Epitaxial Laboratory, Georgia Tech
Richard Kaner, Professor of Chemistry, UCLA
Michael O’Connor, Head of Technology & Innovation, Nokia
Kris Behler, Senior Material Scientist, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Jianhua Yang, Principal Research Scientist, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Dr. Nathan Hill, Business Development and Strategy Director, National Graphene Institute
Alexander Bratkovski, Principal Research Scientist, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Michael Meador, Nanotechnology Project Manager, NASA
Tim McDonald, Chief Scientist, Electro Magnetic Applications
Alberto Valdes Garcia, Manager RF Circuits and Systems, IBM
Ardavan Zandiatashbar, Application Scientist, Park Systems Inc.
Aravind Vijayaraghavan, Lecturer, University of Manchester
Madhav Guatam, Process Engineer, Intel Corporation
Pradyumna Goli, Research Associate, A.A. Balandin Nano-Device Laboratory UC Riverside
Xin Zhao, Materials Scientist, Jefferson Labs
Dr. Qingkai Yu, Assistant Professor, Texas State University

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Source: American Business Conferences