Park Systems, a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems and nano technology tool providers for research labs and industry invites Semicon West attendees to an exciting AFM luncheon and reception, featuring guest speaker Phil Kaszuba who currently directs the Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory at IBM. The luncheon, open to AFM users will be held in conjunction with Semicon West on July 9 from 11:30-2:30 at Jillian’s Restaurant, courtesy of Park Systems. The topic for the presentation will be "The Role of Scanning Probe Microscopy in Nanoscale Semiconductor Device Analysis." Sign up today to reserve your spot for this engaging opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch, network with other AFM users and hear some of the latest in AFM Semiconductor inspection metrology. Please sign up on Park Systems Web site to reserve a place at this event.

Semicon West, now in their 44th year and the flagship annual event for the global microelectronics industry will be held July 8-10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA where Park Systems, the enabler of nanoscale advances, invites you to discover an exhibition that will immerse you in the most sophisticated nanotechnology.

Visit Park Systems at booth 2139, where Park’s AFM Equipment used by the world’s leading Semiconductor, academic and research facilities will be on display. Park will be featuring advanced Nanotechnology tools for innovations in wafer manufacturing including newly launched NX-Wafer Automatic Defect Review (ADR), for 300mm bare wafer, a fully automated process that improves throughput by up to 1,000 %.

About the AFM Luncheon and Reception: The lunch and presentation on July 9 at Jillians, 175 Fourth Street, San Francisco, 11:30-2:30 and is offered courtesy of Park Systems to help share knowledge on leading Semiconductor Microposy Techniques. Since the invention of the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) in 1986, numerous analytical techniques have been developed and implemented on the AFM platform, evolving into what is collectively called the Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM). The SPM has since become established as a mainstream analytical instrument with a continually increasing role in the development of nanoscale semiconductor technologies providing critical data from initial concept to technology development to manufacturing to failure analysis. This presentation will discuss Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy (SKPM), Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM), Conductive-AFM (C-AFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), and Scanning Surface Photo Voltage Microscopy (SSPVM). An overview of each technique will be presented along with examples of how each is currently used in the development of new technologies, the monitoring of a manufacturing line, and the failure analysis of nanoscale semiconductor devices.

About the Speaker

Phil Kaszuba is an Advisory Engineer for IBM’s Systems and Technology Group. He currently directs the Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory at IBM’s Essex Junction, Vt. semiconductor fabrication facility. Phil’s work concentrates on applied SPM for nanoscale semiconductor technology and device analysis. He is currently involved in developing new SPM based analytical techniques for applications in nanoscale semiconductor technology development, fabrication line monitoring, device characterization, and failure analysis. Phil has authored numerous articles and papers and holds a number of U.S. and international patents in the field of scanning probe microscopy.

About Park Systems

Park Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems with a complete range of products for researchers and industry engineers in chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, and semiconductor and data storage industries. Park’s products are used by over a thousand institutions and corporations worldwide. Park’s AFM provides highest data accuracy at nanoscale resolution, superior productivity, and lowest operating cost thanks to its unique technology and innovative engineering. Park Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with its global manufacturing, and R&D headquarters in Korea. Park’s products are sold and supported worldwide with regional headquarters in the US, Korea, Japan, and Singapore, and distribution partners throughout Europe, Asia, and America. Please visit or call 408-986-1110 for more information.