Schmidt+Haensch is a family-owned German company based in Berlin which combines 150 years of tradition and experience with highly innovative instrumentation solutions. S+H has always been a leading manufacturer of optical measuring instruments; this led to a particular prominence when new reference methods were created in the sugar industry. Their main emphasis has traditionally been in laboratory analysis but more recently, automation and process instrumentation has become a significant part of the company.

As a pacemaker and technology leader in the areas of polarimetry and refractometry, S+H has significantly contributed to the world history of ground-breaking research. Fundamental findings of Nobel Prize Winners such as A. Einstein, A. Michelson and others have been based on the optical expertise and instrumentation of S+H. Many leading reference and research labs trust in S+H instruments and expertise such as the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (German National Institute for Science and Technology), University of Harvard, University of Oxford, TU-Berlin and Frauenhofer Institute.

Today, the extensive Schmidt+Haensch portfolio comprises polarimeters, refractometers, process analysing systems and density meters for a wide range of applications. Describing their success working with S+H, Analytik's Managing Director, Ian Laidlaw says "Schmidt + Haensch are valuable partners for Analytik. They have actually pioneered the technology of polarimeters and refractometers. To this day, S+H have several key patents in place giving their instrumentation unique performance capabilities. Their instruments fit in perfectly with Analytik’s suite of innovative analytical solutions and we are pleased with the response of the UK markets' acceptance for both lab and process applications as we celebrate five years of partnership ourselves."

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