Cooperation between Nanocarbon Materials, LLC (NCM) and the “Kostromskoy Zavod Avto Komponentov”, СJSC (Motordetal) began in 2014. The Nanocarbon materials plant has supplied the pilot batch of NCM Chrome S and NCM Chrome C nanocarbon additives for the preparation and correction of the electrolytic solution to the vehicle components manufacture. Based on the nanocarbon materials and chroming technology, developed by NCM, specialists from Motordetal managed to create a coating adjusted for coating of the piston rings – details that are especially subject to wear. At the end of 2015, the new chroming technology using NCM Chrome successfully passed testing at the Motordetal electroplating plant, and today is widely used for coating parts of engines for passenger and heavy vehicles.

Piston ring chroming with NCM Chrome nano-additives reduces the wear of the products by 2.5-3 times. The coatings advantages are enhanced heat-resistance, durability, corrosion-resistance, correspondence with specified porosity and the lack of fluorides. Application of this innovative electrodeposited coating increases deposition rate and requires less energy and material. Using NCM Chrome additives in production makes it more environmental friendly compared to a common electrolytic solution.

“Cooperation with Nanocarbon Materials, LLC allowed our company to develop and implement a new chrome coating for piston rings at our enterprise, thus confirming our leadership in the field of vehicle components production. NCM Chrome nanocarbon additives have a high quality rate which make our products unrivaled among other Russian manufacturers.” – Dmitriy Lebedev, Representative of Motordetal Company.

“Nanocarbon Materials, LLC is the Russia’s only enterprise producing nanocarbon additives for chroming with unique characteristics. The plant currently has a capacity of 100 cubic meters of NCM Chrome electrodepositing baths per month. This allows us to offer the nano-additives to a large number of Russian and foreign enterprises, thus actively developing the empty national business segment and creating a demand for import-substituting products.” – Vladimir Kokhia, Director of Nanocarbon Materials, LLC.

NCM Chrome additives for the preparation and correction of electrolytic solution in electrodepositing are widely used by the Russian enterprises, including the Shtok-Avto Plant of Vehicle Components (Ulyanovsk) and Tyazhpromarmatura, JSC (Aleksin). Nanocarbon Materials, LLC also performs technical audit of electrodepositing, the implementation and adjustment of NCM Chrome technology and the development of specialized technology for the nano-carbon materials application in accordance with the specific tasks of the customer.

Additional information

Nanocarbon Materials (NCM), LLC is a unique carbon nanostructured material plant in Russia with an activation line. When added to other materials carbon nanostructured material provide them with unique properties which make it possible to use them in different industrial sectors: from oil recovery, coal mining and mechanical engineering to light industry and medicine. A new certified NCM Chrome technology and nano-additive for metal chrome plating is produced by GS Group.

GS Group is an international investment and industry holding company, operating using its own high technology in telecommunications and innovation. The headquarters are located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Key activities are: implementation of the in-house technology solutions and business competencies within TV broadcasting project management, microelectronics development and production, electronics development and full cycle production, software products design and integration, nanomaterial R&D and production, investment in venture projects, innovation cluster Technopolis GS development, deep wood processing, media content production and management, full-service advertisement.