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Agilent Technologies 08-Oct-2007

Agilent Technologies is the world's premier measurement company. Agilent provides core electronic and bio-analytical measurement tools to advance the electronics, communications, life science research, environmental and petrochemical industries

Agilent Technologies 01-Oct-2007

Agilent Technologies has an extensive line of microscopy, electronic instruments, chemical analyzers, and bioanalyzers to help you explore, be novel, and be first in nanotechnology research. Visit our website to see details of the products, AFM…

Agilent Technologies Inc 05-Mar-2008

Agilent Instruments for Nanotechnology Research When your next discovery is within reach, getting there first—and getting a glimpse of what others haven't seen—depends on accurate, efficient nanotechnology measurements.

AIST-NT 23-Mar-2010

AIST-NT designs, produces and services the leading edge scanning probe microscopes for material researchers.

AIXTRON AG 25-Sep-2009

AIXTRON's product portfolio includes equipment based on AIXTRON-Nanoinstruments "Black Magic" technology. These fully automatic systems can operate in both, thermal CVD and plasma enhanced CVD modes.

Alacritas Consultancy Ltd., 02-Oct-2007

Alacritas Consultancy Ltd., was set up in February 2002 to offer techical support and training to users and manufacturers of thin films, vacuum and plasma systems. We have experience in a wide variety of thin film and vacuum coating applications…

Albright Technologies, Inc. 01-Oct-2007

Albright Technologies Inc has been a Mold Maker and Molder of Liquid Silicone and Thermo Plastic components to the Medical And Biomedical Device Manufactures since 1994.

Alcatel Vacuum Technology 02-Oct-2007

Alcatel Micro Machining Systems (MMS) is a business unit within Alcatel Vacuum Technology located in Annecy, France. Alcatel MMS specialises in the designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of deep plasma etching systems for the…

Alfa Aesar a Johnson Matthey company 14-Oct-2013

Alfa Aesar is a supplier of research chemicals. inorganic, organic and organometallic compounds; pure metals and elements; precious metal compounds and catalysts; biochemicals; fuel cell products; nanomaterials; rare earths; analytical products

Alfa Aesar GmbH & Co KG 01-Oct-2007

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company, is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of research chemicals, metals and materials. With over 27,000 products listed in its catalogue, Alfa Aesar is the single source for customers' needs for…

ALIO Industries 01-Oct-2007

ALIO Industries designs, manufacturers and markets the world’s most precise nano-scale motion systems and robotics. ALIO’s products give manufacturers the ability to operate at the nanometer level (10-9 meters) with unparalleled degrees of…

Allegiance NanoSolutions 02-Jun-2010

Allegiance NanoSolutions is a micro/nanotechnology focused company dedicated to providing solutions for emerging nanotechnology based products. Allegiance supports companies in analyzing chemical, biological, or nano material based properties.

Alphatech Inc 14-Oct-2011

Argentina supplier of nanocrystalline diamond thin films, telecommunication equipment.

Alrad Instruments ltd 03-Oct-2007

Alrad Instruments Ltd has two trading divisions. Alrad Imaging is one of the premier suppliers of Imaging and Machine Vision products to the industrial and scientific communities in the UK and Eire. We are constantly adding new products to our…

Altair Nanomaterials, Inc. 02-Oct-2007

Altair owns a proprietary technology for making nanocrystalline materials of unique quality, economically and in large quantities. The company produces closely-sized nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and related ceramic oxide materials and…

Ambios Technology Inc 02-Oct-2007

Ambios Technology provides industrial and academic researchers with affordable, world-class surface metrology instruments. The company is well-known for its strong technical emphasis, rigorous attention to quality, and superior price/performance…

American Elements 01-Oct-2007

American Elements is the world leader in materials science know-how. The American Elements website has been a source for academic investigation and research for over a decade. Our fundamental expertise in the properties, applications, and…

Amkor Technology 01-Oct-2007

Amkor Technology is the world's leader in micro electronic packaging technologies and the world's largest outsource provider of Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Micro Optical Electronic Mechanical Systems (MOEMS).

Amkor Technology, Inc. 01-Mar-2012

Amkor is the world's leading service provider in MEMS and MOEMS packaging technology and offers a variety of modeling and characterization expertise to complement a proven high volume manufacturing (HVM) capability.

Amrita Centre for Nanosciences 01-Oct-2007

The Amrita Center for Nanosciences was established in May 2006 as one of the seven Nanotechnology centers funded by the Goverment of India Under the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology initiative and is the only one in the Biomedical area. The Amrita…

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