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China Beyond Optical Cable Company 05-Feb-2010

We are a supplier of optical products as well as optical solutions for various of application, our products includes <a href="">optical cable</a> and various of passive devices

China Gold Dragon Optics Co. Ltd. 22-Nov-2010

GoldDragonOptics. specializes in the manufacture of lens, components and coating. There are some classic processing equipments & testing instruments to assure the quality.

Chiral Photonics, Inc 05-Jan-2010

12th year of established and refined precision glass forming and fabrication capabilities that include braiding of fibers and tubing of various shapes and sizes for applications in micro-fluidic lab on chip that prevent polymerization of proteins.

CIC nanoGUNE 01-Dec-2010

Welcome to CIC nanoGUNE Consolider, a newly established company with the mission and commitment to contributing to the competitive growth of the Basque Country, through the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

CiDRA Precision Services 02-Oct-2007

CiDRA Precision Services specializes in custom manufacturing of ultra-precise (micron level) machined components and assemblies made from difficult to machine materials such as: glass, quartz, ceramics, sapphires, hard metals, and nitinol.

ClassOne Equipment, Inc. 09-Feb-2009

ClassOne specializes in high quality refurbished Semiconductor Process and Metrology Equipment. Focus areas include Mask Aligners, Wet Benches, Etchers, Dicing Systems, Polishing Systems, as well Surface Inspection and Defect Inspection Systems.

Cleanroom Consulting, LLC 02-Oct-2007

Cleanroom Consulting, LLC, specializes in: Contamination Control and cGMP Audits New Cleanroom Product Introductions Project Planning & Basis of Design Cleanroom Conceptual Designs Cleanroom Applications Engineering Process Isolation &…

Cleanroom Supplies Limited 01-Oct-2007

One stop shop for cleanroom and laboratory products, consumables, disposable protective clothing and services. 10% Discount for First On-Line Order

CMK Ltd. 02-Oct-2007

-CMK manufactures 2&quot;, 3&quot; and 4&quot; LEC and VGF GaAs substrates -CMK manufactures 2&quot;, 3&quot; and 4&quot; ingots grown by high and low pressure LEC method -CMK provides Ga recapture and recycling from GaAs and Ga related scraps…

CMR-Direct 06-Nov-2012

Our ranges of cryogenic equipment include liquid helium and nitrogen storage dewars, gas handling and saftey equipment and a wide range of specialist materials for cryogenic construction.

Cone Drive 03-Dec-2008

Cone Drive is the world leader in double enveloping worm gear technology. They operate on a global scale and have a product range to fit most applications and industries.

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation 01-Oct-2007

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation offers special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial and sanitary standards. Some of our products include: mats, rollers, cleanroom paper, gloves, wipers, swabs, apparel, face masks, laminar…

ConnectZone 11-Mar-2011

Connectzone is a company that specializes in network cabling for telecommunications, voice, data and much more

CORIAL SAS 01-Oct-2007

Process company that designs and manufactures plasma etching and deposition equipment for semiconductor compounds, optoelectronics and MEMS technologies.

Corvi LED Light Manufacturer 27-Aug-2013

Dedicated to the pursuit of efficiency. A research and development major in the realm of LED lights, Corvi sees efficiency as a measure of creativity based on precision, determination and imagination.

Coulson & Associates 27-Nov-2008

Intellectual property professionals providing UK, European and worldwide patent and trademark services, highly qualified in scientific or engineering disciplines with experience of commercial research and development.

CRAIC Technologies 02-Oct-2007

CRAIC Technologies designs and develops instruments for spectroscopic analysis of microscopic samples and areas. The QDI series can analyze the UV-visible-NIR spectra of samples under 1 micron by transmission, absorbance, fluorescence,…

CRC Clean Room Consulting GmbH 20-Dec-2010

CRC Clean Room Consulting GmbH is an international design and engineering company for the high-tech industry.

CRC Press/ Taylor & Francis Group 20-Oct-2009

CRC Press is a premier publisher of technical and scientific books, journals, and electronic products. Our authoritative range of books focuses on the technology advances and applications in Nano, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Creative Diagnostics 10-Jun-2016

Creative Diagnostics provides nanoparticles widely used in biology &amp; medicine, including colloidal gold nanoparticles, silver nanoparticles, silica nanoparticles, titania nanoparticles, inorganic fluorescent nanoparticles,polymer nanoparticles.

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