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Communitec Inc 11-Nov-2011

Develops, manufactures and sells communications products and laser systems for commercial and lab use.

ComplianceOnline 23-Oct-2009

ComplianceOnline, a leading quality and compliance portal, provides comprehensive online regulatory compliance training programs, best practices, quality standards, news and more.

Cone Drive 03-Dec-2008

Cone Drive is the world leader in double enveloping worm gear technology. They operate on a global scale and have a product range to fit most applications and industries.

ConiTek Limited 14-Oct-2011

We offer molecular biology research tools and optic materials.

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation 01-Oct-2007

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation offers special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial and sanitary standards. Some of our products include: mats, rollers, cleanroom paper, gloves, wipers, swabs, apparel, face masks, laminar…

ConnectZone 11-Mar-2011

Connectzone is a company that specializes in network cabling for telecommunications, voice, data and much more

CORIAL SAS 01-Oct-2007

Process company that designs and manufactures plasma etching and deposition equipment for semiconductor compounds, optoelectronics and MEMS technologies.

Corvi LED Light Manufacturer 27-Aug-2013

Dedicated to the pursuit of efficiency. A research and development major in the realm of LED lights, Corvi sees efficiency as a measure of creativity based on precision, determination and imagination.

Coulson & Associates 27-Nov-2008

Intellectual property professionals providing UK, European and worldwide patent and trademark services, highly qualified in scientific or engineering disciplines with experience of commercial research and development.

CRAIC Technologies 02-Oct-2007

CRAIC Technologies designs and develops instruments for spectroscopic analysis of microscopic samples and areas. The QDI series can analyze the UV-visible-NIR spectra of samples under 1 micron by transmission, absorbance, fluorescence,…

CRC Clean Room Consulting GmbH 20-Dec-2010

CRC Clean Room Consulting GmbH is an international design and engineering company for the high-tech industry.

CRC Press/ Taylor & Francis Group 20-Oct-2009

CRC Press is a premier publisher of technical and scientific books, journals, and electronic products. Our authoritative range of books focuses on the technology advances and applications in Nano, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Creative Nanoptics 15-Nov-2011

Supplies high-quality precision positioning equipment and optics products.

Credowan Waveguide Products 16-Jul-2009

Credowan are specialists in the manufacture and supply of Microwave Waveguide Assemblies in both Rigid and Flexible, along with a wide range of Microwave Devices and Components. Credowan appointed as the exclusive UK representitive and stockist…

Crystran Ltd 25-Oct-2011

Manufacturers of Optical components for the THz, IR, UV, VUV and visible parts of the spectrum from a wide variety of glasses and crystal materials.

CVD Equipment Corporation 01-Oct-2007

CVD EQUIPMENT CORPORATION- (AMEX – CVV) provides products and services for the Silicon, III-V , II-VI , Optoelectronic, Solar Power, Superconductivity and Nanotechnology markets Products and Services CVD EQUIPMENT CORPORATION: Furnaces:…

CVI Melles Griot 13-Jun-2008

We get you what you need, when you need it. We provide the high-tech toolkit that researchers use to build, assemble, and study their nanotechnology projects.

Cyantek Corporation 17-May-2013

Now Cyantek Corporation Company is offering AU-5 and Other Forms of High Quality Gold Etchant products to make the etching process easy.

Cylindrical Optics Comapny Ltd. 01-Oct-2007

Cylindrical Optics Company was founded in 1993 as an optics scientific development. In 1996,it transformed into a manufacturer of optical components, named Lucky Optics Company. In 2001,it has evolved into a unique company, specializing in the…

Cytodiagnostics Inc 21-Sep-2010

Cytodiagnostics is a biotechnology company based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. We focus on providing and developing nanotechnology derived products and services for the international life science market.

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