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Dailianxu Engineering Company 14-Sep-2009

fiber media converter,Video fiber transmitter,Video fiber converter,Digital video fiber transmitter and receiver,Video to fiber converter,Fiber optical video converter,BNC to fiber converter,Fiber optical modem,Interface converter,PDH multiplexer etc

Data Translation, Inc. 01-Oct-2007

Data Translation is a world leader in Data Acquisition and Image Analysis products. Our hardware and software is used in Semiconductor Device Characterization, Nanotechnology Testing, Scientific Analysis, Drug Discovery, Automotive Testing and more.

David Brown 13-Oct-2008

David Brown are a global provider of engineering products. They have offices and manufacturing plants throughout the world.

DCA Instruments 02-Oct-2007

DCA Instruments provides systems and components for UHV thin film deposition. The product range includes UHV sputtering, MBE, pulsed laser deposition, e-beam evaporation and ion beam deposition systems.

Deben Ventures 02-Oct-2007

Deben Ventures is a strategy, funding and technology commercialisation organisation, supporting all players involved in shaping the future of forward looking companies in the UK and abroad. Whether you are a small start-up, established company,…

Decathium Sdn Bhd 25-Mar-2009

Photonics In Malaysia. Specialty Fiber. Fiber Bragg Grating FBG. Phase Mask. Pump Laser Diode. Fiber Optic Circulator. Isolator. Coupler. Patchcord.

Decathium Sdn Bhd 02-Oct-2007

Decathium Sdn Bhd (Decathium Malaysia) was formed and incorporated on the 8 December 1999 to venture into engineering supplies and services in Malaysia especially in photonics.

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. 01-Oct-2007

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. is an established manufacturer and system integrator of advanced photonics products for scientific and industrial applications.

Delft Nanotechnology 31-Oct-2012

New scientific breakthroughs are enabled by new developed technologies. It is the mission of Delft Nanotechnology to provide instrumentation with high specifications in order to facilitate the development of new knowledge and new science.

DeLn Optics Co.,Ltd.(China) 19-Dec-2012

Manufacturer of Optical and Crystal Components.The products include Prism,Lens,windows,mirror,Filters, Beamsplitter,Nd:GdVO4,LiNbO3,KTP,Nd:YAG,Nd:YVO4.


Manufactuer of standard and custom CO2 Lenses, Mirrors, and Beam Steering optics. Low absorption low loss thin-film coating technologies. Components fabricated from ZnSe for transmissive elements and Cu and Si for reflective mirrors. Special…

Deutsche Optics Fibre,Limited 14-Aug-2012

Develops linear, analog, and mixed-signal integrated circuits, including data converters, interface, <a href="">fiber optic</a>, sensor signal, and wireless RF.

Diamond Coatings Ltd for ITO coatings 12-Feb-2009

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) & index matched IMITO transparent conducting coatings for electro-optic devices and structures. Substrates up to 1m x 1m. Glass, Ceramic, rigid & flexible polymers. Patterning & bus bars

Diener UK 23-Jul-2010

Diener are world leading manufacturers of plasma treatment equipment & processes, from low-cost bench-top units to high throughput production scale equipment. Configurations are available for ultra-fine cleaning, surface activation and coating.

Digital Surf 11-Aug-2008

Digital Surf provides innovative solutions for micro- and nano-surface metrology, including modular MountainsMap SPM Image imaging and analysis software for scanning probe microscope (SPM, AFM, STM, NSOM) applications in nanotechnology.

Dimatix, Inc. 03-Oct-2007

Dimatix is driving a revolution in micro-production technology that will deliver a new generation of applications in imaging, electronics and the biosciences. The company’s technology innovations and world-class fabrication processes enable…

DME Nanotechnologie GmbH 28-Mar-2011

Manufacturer of Scanning Probe Microscopes of all kinds: AFM STM and combination systems). Together with DME - Danish Micro Engineering A/S on the marked since 1989.

Dolomite Microfluidics 13-Aug-2009

Dolomite are world leaders in solving Microfluidic problems. Dolomite provide either standard solutions or custom designs for devices (e.g. chips, interconnects, pumps etc.), sub-systems and instruments.

Donets Milam Ltd 17-May-2013

Our company specialized in engineering design and manufacturing of sapphire growing furnaces that use crystal growing methods GOI (Kyropoulos), Verneuil, wafer slicing machines, equipment for growing silicon carbide.

Douglas Brothers 15-Aug-2013

Douglas Brothers is a leader in stainless steel and alloy steel fabrication. Our state of the art facilities allow us to produce the highest quality products that fit the specialized requirements of a variety of industries.

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