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Corporate partners

Hiden Analytical Limited 12-Jan-2012

For 30 years Hiden Analytical has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of scientific instruments for research, development and production applications.

Halcyonics GmbH 02-Oct-2007

Halcyonics – Global market leader in compact active vibration isolation. The "anti-vibration specialists" offer you solutions for active vibration isolations – at the cutting edge of technology. That’s why our equipment is as much…

Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd 07-Sep-2010

Hamamatsu Photonics is a world leader in the manufacture of optoelectronic components and systems. Our range of products covers the entire optical spectrum and provides solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Hangzhou Lambda Photonics Technology Co.,Ltd 02-Oct-2007

Hangzhou Lambda Photonics Technology Co., a world leader in the design, manufacture and integration of laser systems, laser and optical materials for many industrial applications. The company's products: Laser series:    473nm blue…

Harrick Plasma 30-Sep-2008

Offering low-cost, benchtop plasma cleaners for nanoscale surface cleaning, surface activation and surface chemistry modification, and pre-bond preparation.

Harwood Engineering 10-Jun-2013

Harwood Engineering Company specializes in developing and manufacturing pressure components and systems to contain, generate, pipe, valve, control and measure the flow and pressure at very high pressure levels in liquids and in gases.

Haseltine Lake 02-Oct-2007

Haseltine Lake is one of the largest independent IP firms in Europe. All of our resources and expertise are exclusively dedicated to IP protection: safeguarding the inventions, creative designs, brand identities and other innovations of our…

hBar Solutions ApS 07-Dec-2009

hBar Solutions ApS gives its clients easy access to molecular modeling. We offer consultancy and contract research and a revolutionary easy-to-use web service, hBar Lab. hBar Lab can be used to perform calculations of molecular properties.

Hearne Scientific Software 02-Oct-2007

Hearne Scientific Software is one of the world's leading companies for Scientific Software Distribution and Commercialisation. The Hearne business has had significant success jointly commercialising research software in Australia and New Zealand.…

HeliosLab 10-Oct-2011

We prepare and deliver the NanoChina monthly reports with about 130 pages a month in English in all areas of nano researches, technologies and products under development in China.

Helix Material Solutions 03-Oct-2007

Helix Material Solutions, Inc. is a nanotechnology company based in Texas and founded by a group of world-class experts and scientists in nanoscience and nanotechnology, who are devoted in bringing the best nanoscale materials to the market at…

Henniker Scientific Ltd. 23-Jan-2013

Instruments (x-ray/UV/Ion/Electron Sources), components (Chambers/Manipulation/Transfer) & systems for Vacuum and UHV surface analysis (TPD/XPS/UPS/AES/ISS/STM/LEEM/PEEM/LEED/SIMS/SNMS & HREELS). Plasma surface treatment and process diagnostics.

Herzan 31-May-2012

Herzan provides high performance vibration and acoustic isolation systems for precision research instruments. Products include active vibration isolation systems, acoustic enclosures, and Faraday cages. Ideal for AFM / SPM, nanoindenters, and more.

Hielscher - Ultrasound Technology 02-Oct-2007

Hielscher ultrasonic equipment is used for the dispersing of the powder into liquids. In particular for the deagglomeration and for the break down of primary particles in sub-micron-range Hielscher ultrasonic equipment has proven to be very…

Hitachi High Technologies Europe GmbH 11-Aug-2010

Hitachi High Technologies are a world leader in Electron Microscope development and design for over 30 years, in Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM)

HORIBA Scientific 28-May-2012

HORIBA Scientific offers analytical instruments for analyzing particles and elemental and chemical composition. Our technologies include microscopy, light scattering, and fluorescence, Raman, and XRF spectroscopy.

HTA Photomask 02-Oct-2007

HTA Photomask specializes in photomask and photoimaging of custom substrates in the MEMS, MOEMS, Nanotechnology, Micromaching, Semiconductor, Sensor manufacturing and medical coponents industries. We can pattern as small as one half micron…


Manufacturer of CO2 Incubators for Microscopes, Controlled Environment Chambers (Humidity, CO2 and Temperature), Time-Lapse Systems for Life Science, VideoMicroscopy workstation assembly, personalised hardware and software solutions for Life…

Huihong fiber optic cable company 03-Dec-2008

Manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic cable and fiber optic equipment.

Huihong International Limited 02-Oct-2007

Huihong International Limited specialize in the manufacturing of fiber optic products since 1995.

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