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Corporate partners

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 23-Feb-2016

Precision measurement and control solutions for variable temperature and magnetic field environments.

Lancaster University Quantum Technology Centre 15-May-2014

Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre (QTC) provides a UK focus for future quantum technologies and is based in Lancaster University's Physics Department, a working community of 145 researchers and 80 students.

LASEROPTIK GmbH 02-Oct-2007

LASEROPTIK is a manufacturer of high power optics and coatings for lasers and for laser components and substrates. LASEROPTIKS's field of competence: customized high power components for YAG (1064nm/532nm/355nm/266nm) Coatings and components for…

LayTec GmbH 18-Aug-2010

LayTec is a market leader in compound semiconductor process monitoring instrumentation, especially for LED production, used for optimizing material quality and run-to-run reproducibility in epitaxy-based opto-electronic and electronic applications.

LDB Corp 15-Jan-2015

We supply non-contact surface metrology instruments which are applied for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. We also provide artifact recertification, contract surface inspection, application maintenance, innovation consulting, and workshops.


Leica Microsystems Imaging Solutions Ltd., based in Cambridge, UK, is part of the Leica Microsystems Group. Leica Microsystems Imaging Solutions develops image processing and analysis software and workstations for quantitative microscopy, which…

Leica Microsystems, Inc. 21-Jan-2010

Leica Microsystems is a leading global developer/manufacturer of precision optical and sample preparation instruments for imaging, measuring, and analyzing microstructures. Business areas: Microscopy and Imaging, Sample Preparation, Medical Equipment

LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. 05-Sep-2013

LEONI Fiber Optics is a worldwide leading fiber-optic-producing company. The product range is from fiber optics for medical application to fiber-optic cables for the energy industry, automation, traffic engineering, Ethernet, sensor and analytics.

Leybold Vacuum UK Ltd 03-Oct-2007

We are a global leader in system solutions and services for vacuum generation and our core competencies are vacuum technology and application know-how. In long-term partnership with our customers we develop innovative solutions with a competitive…

Lifome Technologies LLC 15-Jan-2015

Lifome Technologies LLC is a global supplier of quality biochemical products and services for life science. Lifome owns RNAs, natural products, peptides, and antibodies for R&D and industrial uses. Welcome to check out at

LIM-TEC Beijing Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd 22-Aug-2008

Lim-Tec company——Linear motion expert It is a competitive manufacturer which makes linear motion equipment. A series of products and modularized combination can provide the customers with a whole solution.

Linkam Scientific Instruments 21-May-2014

Linkam develops and manufactures a broad range of heating and freezing stages for both OEM and end users to visualize and explore materials properties.

Lion Precision 24-Feb-2011

Lion Precision provides high-performance noncontact displacement/position sensors with ranges from 10µm with subnanometer resolution to 10mm with submicron resolution. Vacuum compatibility, high temperature, and customized solutions also available.

LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd 08-Jan-2013

LOT suppling leading edge scientific instrumentation to the following areas: biotechnology, cryogenics/magnetics, imaging, spectroscopy, materials analysis and nanotechnology.

Lotus Tech,Inc 27-Jul-2012

Manufactures ultrafast diode-pumped solid-state lasers.

LumaSense Technologies 21-Jan-2008

Manufacturer of quality fiber optic temperature sensors and optical thermometry. Provides quality sensor instrumentation for temperature measurement for the clean technology, medical and energy sectors.

Lumiprobe .com 03-Feb-2014 provides highest quality nanotechnology reagents - fluorescent dyes, Click Chemistry reagents & more. Low prices, Quick delivery worldwide, Free tech support Take a look at catalog 5% discount use code: nanotech

Luna nanoWorks (division of Luna Innovations) 03-Oct-2007

Luna nanoWorks' new composition of matter is called a Trimetasphere® (M3N@C80)-a fullerene sphere enclosing three metal atoms in a nitride molecule. Because of the entrapped high-energy metal complex, Trimetaspheres® are truly a novel…

Lyncée Tec SA 03-Oct-2007

Lyncée Tec SA combines for the first time in microscopy nanometric resolution, real time and non-invasive 3D observations in a revolutionary technology called "Digital Holographic Microscopy" (DHM™). The characteristics of DHM™…

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