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MICROTECH s.r.l. 05-Feb-2009

MICROTECH LW405 LaserWriter: a versatile pattern generator for mask/maskless microlithography, multilevel diffractive optics on 2D/3D substrates, graphene contacting, laser "in situ" process. Also from us: static/dynamic light scattering systems.

MicroXact, Inc. 08-Feb-2012

MicroXact, Inc. manufactures a variety of wafer probing systems for test and measurement applications. In addition, MicroXact's research facility is making great strides in the development of thermoelectric and state-of-the-art sensing technologies.

Mingon Technology Co, Ltd. 14-Sep-2011

Mingon Technology Co, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Mingon International Industrial Group. is the website of Mingon Technology which is known as fiber optic manufacture base on Shenzhen, Guangdong, China with branch factory in Jiangxi, China.

Mir Enterprises Limited 12-May-2009

Mir Enterprises provides consultancy, design, simulation, fabrication and testing of state of the art micro and nanotechnology systems. Our portfolio spans from cutting edge research and development to high quality and yield pilot line production.

Mircronetlinks Inc 14-Oct-2011

Manufacturer of refractive microlens arrays and micro-optics.

Molecular Nanotechnology Lab 30-Oct-2007

Fabrication of advanced nanostructured materials for catalysis, energy, and sensing.

MothMortensen ApS 05-Oct-2007

Project development and Contract research. We have access to state of the art facilities, for a detailed list of competencies and equipment, please enquire at

MP Systems, LLC 03-Oct-2007

MP SYSTEMS is a Silicon Valley consulting firm that specializes in identifying and evaluating very early-stage companies (pre-VC) for investment and partnerships in Nanotechnology, Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Semiconductor Equipment and…

MS MacroSystem 03-Oct-2007

We provide advanced 3D/4D computer graphics software for nanotechnology and nanometrology. The software is available as components and solutions for variety of microscopes: AFM, SPM, SNOM, confocal, etc. 3D measuring tools released. The software…

Multi Scale Solutions 31-Jul-2008

Multi Scale Solutions is focusing on the development of scientific intelligence software that can guide R&D efforts in a variety of industries, including Electrical and Electronics, Medical Devices, Construction, and Aerospace Industries.

Multilayer Coating Technologies, LLC 01-Oct-2007

MultiLayer Coating Technologies (MCT), formerly Polaroid Contract Coating, is a leader in high-precision roll-to-roll coating of flexible substrates. With a legacy of more than 60 years of designing and engineering innovative coatings, MCT…

MultiProbe 04-Jun-2008

Manufacturer of a 1-to-6 head Atomic Force nanoprober used in failure analysis, that combines multi-scan fault isolation imaging with nanoprobing electrical capabilities, for process technology node measurements of 32nm, 45nm, 65nm, 90nm or larger.

MVS Solutions, Inc. 03-Oct-2007

Research and Development Company (R&D) and Consulting Firm providing chemistry development and chemistry support to business, government, and nonprofits in the materials science, life science, environmental science and related industries. MVS…

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