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NaBond Technologies Co., Limited 01-Oct-2007

NaBond is a High-Tech company focusing on the R&D, manufacture and application ofnanomaterials, adhesives and related machines. In order to improve the quality of ouradhesives, since 2001, we have been working in new adhesives with nanomaterials.…

Nadetech Innovations S.L. 03-Dec-2013

Company specialized in the development of laboratory equipment. Our goal is providing the required instruments or technical support to scientists and engineers for the deposition of coatings,films,colloids and other micro-nano structured materials.

Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co.,LTD 05-Jan-2009

Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and producing Fusion Splicer, Fiber Cleaver, Laser Source, Fiber Connector, Optical Power Meter and Optical Coupler Manufacturing System etc.

Nanjing Numanco Rubber Imp & Co., Ltd. 23-Apr-2009

Nanjing Numanco Rubber Imp & Co., Ltd. is the best and most professional supplier of all kinds of rubber products.

Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Chemical Plant Co.,Ltd. 04-Mar-2011

Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Chemical Plant started to manufacture titanium dioxide powder since 1966. It's the first enterprise to produce titanium dioxide in china and also the first to manufacture top grade rutile titanium dioxide powder domestically

Nano and More 01-Oct-2007

NanoAndMore is a leading supplier of various kinds of equipment and consumables for nanotechnology research, including AFM Probes, Optical Microscopy Equipment, Particle Size Analysis Equipment, AFM Imaging Software and Vibration Isolation Equipment.

Nano Carbon Sales 03-Oct-2007

Is your company spending valuable resources & time growing your own nanotubes? If you want to focus on the usage of these nanotubes & not the growth, Nano Carbon Sales has the answer with our own line of Carbon Nanotubes. Containing up to 93% pure…

Nano Enhanced Wholesale Technologies, LLC. 22-Jun-2009

All the support you need from concept to production with Carbon/Graphene Nanomaterials: Nano Graphene Platelets (NGP), Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), Carbon Nanofibers (CNF). Articles/Educational materials are available.

Nano World 01-Oct-2007

Swiss NanoWorld is a leading manufacturer of AFM probes and supplies AFM tips for all kinds of Atomic Force Microscopy Applications.

Nano-Group Holdings Ltd. 19-Dec-2007

We build as a Nanotechnology application platform for different industries. We provide the Nano treatment service for the textile and garment industry worldwide since 2002. Develop cosmetic products with Nano Pt, Nano Ag and Nano Au in 2007.

Nano-Tek (UK) Technology Ltd 02-Oct-2007

We provide expert advice to organisations, companies and individuals explaining how advances in Nanotechnology will affect their market sector. Our approach involves an extensive Consultant Network spanning academia and industry to provide…

nanoAnalytics GmbH 03-Oct-2007

nanoAnalytics is a service laboratory specialized in the characterization of surfaces and interfaces on the micro- and nanometer scale. Our team has a long experience in the field of surface analysis. This expertise and modern instrumentation…

NanoAndMore USA Inc. 19-Jul-2012

NanoAndMore USA, Inc. is the North and South American distributor for NANOSENSORS™, NanoWorld™, BudgetSensors™, nanotools™ and sQube™ AFM probes.

Nanobiosym 29-Oct-2008

Nanobiosym is an innovative young company founded by an MIT/Harvard alum. NBS discovers, develops, and commercializes cutting-edge technologies where physics, nanotech, and biomedicine converge. We provide unique careers and long-term incentives.

Nanoco Technologies Ltd 01-Oct-2007

Nanoco Technologies Ltd is a world leading nano-technology company which produces fluorescent semiconductor nano-particles quantum dots and quantum dot products. Nanoco's quantum dots are non-toxic (free of cadmium) and RoHS compliant. Optical…

Nanocoatings Pty Ltd 01-Oct-2007

Biotechnology company Nanocoatings Pty Ltd is in the process of commercialising a synthetic bone graft substitute which uses an unique nanotechnology coating process on hydroxyapatite which results in superior durability and bioactivty than other…

NanoCraft 03-Oct-2007

User oriented research for technical and biological surfaces. As spin off from Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPI-KGF) we take on compact projects of research about Nano- and Surface Technology. With costly developed methods in…

NanoFocus AG 19-Oct-2007

NanoFocus AG, founded in 1994, is the result of a unique collaboration of engineers and scientists from a variety of technical disciplines including optics, fine mechanics, and electronics. The company is located in the engineering and industrial…

NanoFocus, Inc 01-Oct-2007

NanoFocus, Inc. is a provider of optical 3D surface topography analysis and micro-form measurement solutions. NanoFocus' cost-effective measurement systems combine reliable performance, a time-saving user-friendly interface and non-destructive…

Nanogea, Inc. 22-Mar-2010

Nanogea is a nano-bioscience company focused on commercializing the industry’s most sensitive single molecular detection platform based on its innovative NanoConeTM chemistry and NanoCone Enabled Atomic Force (NE-AFMTM) technology.

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