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NanoComputer Dream Team 03-Oct-2007

We are a 501(C)(3)Non-Profit organization whose quest is to design & fabricate the World's first Nanoscale Computer. We are International in scope and have volunteers from all disiplines. From Nobel Laurelates on down to the novice.

NanoCraft 03-Oct-2007

User oriented research for technical and biological surfaces. As spin off from Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPI-KGF) we take on compact projects of research about Nano- and Surface Technology. With costly developed methods in…

NanoDynamics, Inc. 03-Oct-2007

NanoDynamics was established by a team of highly experienced individuals whose expertise is in the commercialization of new technologies, new materials, new products, and new ideas. Our goal is to turn great ideas into great products. February…

Nanofan Advanced Materil Corporation 01-Oct-2007

The Nanofan company has been established with the goal of presenting technical and commercial services. Developing the competitive atmosphere and applying nano products have been our other aims. It has been tried to identify efficient products in…

Nanofan Industrial Coatings, Ltd. 08-Sep-2008

The Nanofan company has been established with the goal of presenting technical and commercial services. Developing the competitive atmosphere and applying nano products have been our other aims.

NanoFocus AG 19-Oct-2007

NanoFocus AG, founded in 1994, is the result of a unique collaboration of engineers and scientists from a variety of technical disciplines including optics, fine mechanics, and electronics. The company is located in the engineering and industrial…

NanoFocus, Inc 01-Oct-2007

NanoFocus, Inc. is a provider of optical 3D surface topography analysis and micro-form measurement solutions. NanoFocus' cost-effective measurement systems combine reliable performance, a time-saving user-friendly interface and non-destructive…

Nanogea, Inc. 22-Mar-2010

Nanogea is a nano-bioscience company focused on commercializing the industry’s most sensitive single molecular detection platform based on its innovative NanoConeTM chemistry and NanoCone Enabled Atomic Force (NE-AFMTM) technology.

Nanograph Systems 03-Oct-2007

Nanograph Systems Limited is a UK-based manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes and related tools for use in nanotechnology research. It was founded in 2003 as a spinout from the Nanoscience Group at the University of Nottingham's School of…

nanoimmunotech 09-Oct-2012

NANOIMMUNOTECH, global solutions in nanobiotechnology

NanoInk, Inc. 19-Feb-2009

NanoInk, Inc. is an emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing and applications development for the life science and semiconductor industries.

NanoLab, Inc. 17-Feb-2010

NanoLab manufactures carbon nanotubes, & develops nanoscale devices, nanocomposites, & inks, usng nanotubes, nanowires, & nanoparticles. We routinely partner with customers for development efforts in nanotech, using our unique facilities & cleanroom.

Nanoland 01-Oct-2007

Nanoland focus on deploying nano-liquid glass to protect all types of surfaces, making dirt deflect, cleaning easier, protecting everything from RFID tags to hospital walls and ship interiors. We bring a team of nano-engineers and experts to every…

NANOLANE 03-Apr-2012

Nanolane is specialized in optical solutions at nanoscale and commercializes an innovative quantitative technique called SEEC Microscopy which extends the analysis possibilities in the fields of nanotechnologies.

Nanoledge 19-Oct-2007

NANOLEDGE is a European R&D nanotech company expert in single wall carbon nanotubes from production to processing into materials. Formed to capitalize on patented technology, NANOLEDGE has 3 activities : - The production and sale of single wall…

NanoMagnetics Instruments Ltd. 20-Dec-2007

NanoMagnetics Instruments Ltd. is the leading expert in Scanning Hall Microscopy.


We produce nano: oxides, non-oxides, simple, complex, metals and organic powders. We sell size as an independent degree of freedom. Specialty: nanomaterials with exact particle size, size distribution and surface characteristics.

Nanomaterials Company 02-Oct-2007

Company manufactures complex nanopowders for cryogenics, electronics, energy generation and storage, optics, polymers and semiconductors.

NanoMatrix, Inc. 16-Oct-2007

NanoMatrix, Inc. in Santa Cruz, California is in the business of nanofabrication (nanoscale manufacturing) tools and services for prototyping and production manufacturing. We also develop custom equipment and processes for our client's specific…

Nanometrix, Inc. 03-Oct-2007

Nanometrix has developed a new patent pending process and the necessary machinery to produce ultra-thin 2-dimensional continuous Films. Here is the easiest way to understand the immense potential of Nanometrix: Versus other thin-film production…

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