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Obducat AB 19-Oct-2007

Obducat is on the technological forefront of nano- and micro scale structure production. We develop and supply technologies, equipment, processes, and services within nano imprint- and electron beam lithography, used for both research as well as…

Object Research Systems, Inc. 04-Jul-2012

Object Research System (ORS) is a Medical & Industrial software company based in Montreal, Canada. ORS Visual SI is a powerful, 3D visualization solution that will accurately analyze volumetric data obtained from micro-CT, and other modalities.

OGP UK Limited 01-Oct-2007

OGP UK Limited supply video and multi-sensor co-ordinate measuring microscopes manufactured by OGP inc. in Rochester, New York. OGP has developed technology capable of measuring at high magnification to nanometer resolution.

Okolab 01-Jun-2010

Okolab manufactures Heating and Cooling Top Stage Incubators, Environmental chambers (microscope enclosure), CO2 and Hypoxia controllers, heated plates, gas mixers. We also offer Image Analysis software for multidimensional live cell imaging...

OmegaCube Technologies LLC 03-Feb-2009

OmegaCube ensures a reliable partnership built upon our extensive knowledge of designing business processes and technological environment for growth:

Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH 28-Jul-2010

Omicron NanoTechnology is the world's leading supplier of UHV analytical instrumentation in nanotechnology research and development. Creating & Analyzing Tomorrow’s Materials Today! XPS/UPS, SPM, MBE, PVD, Sputtering, Annealing, ALD and More.

Omniscan 02-Oct-2007

Omniscan is a supplier of leading edge surface analysis instrumentation and metrology solutions to industry and academia. We provide instrumentation and consulting for measurement of surface roughness, waviness and shape; layer thickness and…

OP-Unite Solution Ltd 01-Oct-2007

Supply all kinds of optical component. we produce lenses, Windows, Mirrors, Prisms and Filter, crystal , metal components etc. The material we use to favricate our optical components include: optical glass, crystal, UV & IR material…

OP-Unite Solutions Ltd 20-Jun-2008

OP-Unite-a solutions provider in optical field. We supply a wide range of optical products:Lenses, Windows, Mirrors, Prisms and Filters, crystals, metal components etc with material:optical glass, crystal, UV & IR material etc

OpenSymmetry 20-Apr-2010

OpenSymmetry offer a unique combination of expert incentive design and best-of-breed technology to deliver Incentive Compensation Management platforms scaled to fit companies of any size.

Optcon AG 11-Feb-2013

We are the specialist for your fiber optic temperature measurement needs! This includes fiber optic thermometers as well as fiber optic temperature sensors.

Optical Dynamics 11-Oct-2007

Optical Dynamics, your Nano / Polymer thin film coating resource. Let Optical Dynamics assist you with your coating needs. With a proven track record in anti reflective and reflective liquid coatings, we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

Optical Dynamics 01-Oct-2007

Optical Dynamics, your Nano/Polymer thin film coating resource. Let the experts at Optical Dynamics assist you with your coating development needs. With a proven track record in engineered anti reflective and reflective liquid (non vacuum)…

Optical Metrology Ltd 01-Nov-2011

Supplies optical test and measurement equipment for manufacturing facilities and standards labs in industry.

Opticking technology Co., LTD 14-Jan-2010

We, Opticking Technology Co., LTD , is the professioanl for the fiber optical passsive components. such as patch cord, pigtail, adapter, connector,attenuator, fiber media converter , coupler and so on.

OpticLabs International Ltd 14-Oct-2011

Optical raytracing software for optical design and analysis.

Optictech Transceivers Ltd 10-Oct-2011

Custom fiber optic transceivers and project management.

Optispac, Inc 06-Dec-2011

OptiSpac has forged a sophisticated design team in precision parts manufacturing. We can improve designs for customers and convert customer`s unique ideas into reality. Integration of efficiency with economy is our doctrine of R&D.

Optiworks Fiber Technologies 11-Oct-2011

Supplier of advanced fiber optic components and subsystems.

Optokon Ukraine 07-May-2009

Fiber optic components. Patchcords, conectors, adapters, attenuators etc.

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