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Silicon Valley Nano Ventures 01-Oct-2007

We deliver funding, strategic alliances & people to start-up & early-stage nano projects and ventures using a consulting & investment banking business model. We help overseas nano companies & groups get established in Silicon Valley & US and US &…

Siltint Industries, Thin Film Technology 01-Oct-2007

Siltint Industries supplies advanced vacuum deposited thin film coatings for use in the fibre optics, precision optics and opto-electronic industries. Specific markets include telecommunications, aerospace, defence, medical and…


Simax has developed and produced the key subcomponent, V-grooved fiber array, for planar waveguide device module and free space component applications by using Simax's proprietary integrated opitcal chip packaging (IOCP) technology. The patent…

SiMPore, Inc. 12-Nov-2009

SiMPore, Inc. manufactures membrane-enabled products based on the UltraSM® ultrathin nanoporous silicon membrane. SiMPore offers TEM Windows for materials research imaging and is introducing the SepCon™ Spin Column for nanoparticle separations. 09-May-2012

SixOptics offers many kinds of transceiver modules, including SFP, GBIC, SFP+, X2, XENPAK, XFP, etc. All of our transceiver modules can be 100% compatible with Cisco, Juniper, HP and other network brands. Much lower price, but reliable quality.

SKS Science Products 09-Dec-2008

SKS Science offers thousands of labware containers, closures, scales, balances and lab supplies, which are available in our online catalog.

Skyray XRF 24-Oct-2008

Skyray XRF provides energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analytical equipment for various testing needs and applications.

Skyspring Nanomaterials, Inc. 22-Jun-2009

Produce and supply a wide range of nanoparticles of metal and non-metal elements, oxides, nitrides, carbides, and other nanomaterials.

Smart Imaging Technologies 23-Apr-2009

Smart Imaging Technologies Co. is an international software development and research firm, specializing in image processing and analysis, as well as 3D modeling of complex structures. Our international development team includes specialists in…

Soft Imaging System GmbH 19-Oct-2007

Makers of high-quality imaging software and hardware. Development, marketing and sales of image acquiring, image processing, image analyzing, image archiving systems, and image analyzing devices.

Softvative Inc. 20-Nov-2008

Softvative Inc - Leader in Software Innovations provides CAD, software and website development, network & system solutions, database solutions and Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management solutions.

South Bay Technology, Inc. 19-Oct-2007

South Bay Technology, Inc. manufactures Materials Processing Solutions for electron microscopy, metallography, microelectronic processing and single crystal orientation, cutting and polishing. Products include diamond wheel and wire saws,…

Southern Innovation 01-Feb-2010

High throughput pulse processing electronics for radiation detection and measurement systems. Southern Innovation provides state of the art digital pulse processing solutions to companies that require the very best detection performance.

Southernstar Tech 26-Sep-2012

<a href="">LED lights manufacturer</a> of LED tubes, LED panel lights, downlights, high bay lights, ceiling lights, spot lights, bulb lights, candle lights, LED strips and other indoor/outdoor LED lighting products.

Spantech Microwave Technology S.A. 24-May-2012

Spantech Microwave Technology S.A. represents world-leading manufacturers of RF, microwave, millimetre wave components and satellite communication equipment in Spain and Portugal.


Special Optics designs, develops and manufactures precision optical components from one facility located in Wharton, New Jersey. Since our beginning in 1965 we have developed and refined a wide range of standard and custom optical capabilities. As…

SPECS GmbH 28-Sep-2007

Located in the middle of Berlin, Germany, Specs GmbH designs and manufactures cutting-edge components and systems for surface analysis and nanotechnology, based on spectroscopic and imaging methods like XPS, UPS, AES, SNMS, LEED, HREELS, LEEM/PEEM…

Specs Nanotechnology 01-Oct-2007

Specs Nanotechnology provides cutting edge technology instruments for nanotechnology research. We are specialized in ultra high vacuum techniques, scanning probe techniques, electron spectroscopy analyzers and molecular beam epitaxy systems and…

SPECS Scientific Instruments, Inc 28-Sep-2007

Bio and Nano Technology, NanoAnalysis, NanoManipulation, NanoSpectrocopy, NanoMotion, Digital Robotics, GC/MS LC/MS, Surface Analysis Instruments and Materials Deposition Equipment for XPS, STM, AFM, LT-STM, MBE, CVD, ALD, OLED, PLD, 3D Laser Atom…

SPECTRO-FILM 02-Oct-2007

Vacuum Deposited Thin Films for Research and Industry

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