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Watch Davor Sutija, CEO of Thin Film Electronics, describe developments helping near-field communications technology bring brands to consumers.

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Nanotechnology takes on microbial drug resistance

As bacteria evolve to fend off traditional antibiotics, nanomaterials may play a key role in tackling infectious disease.

Learning from industry

Byung Hee Hong, founder of Graphene Square, on growing graphene and growing a company.

Solar energy research thrives in symbiosis

Solar water splitting research may provide energy on demand from the Sun by drawing parallels with work on solar cells and photocatalysis.

The sky’s the limit for solar power

Ravi Silva describes the current state of the solar economy – and how he hopes to disrupt it.

Bridging the gap

Theoretical physicist and nanotech start-up founder David Gao tackles the challenges of working at the interface between academia and industry.

Commercializing the 'wonder material'

Ray Gibbs explains how graphene is finding its way into commercial applications, particularly in the aerospace sector.

Changing with the technology

As a field matures, the strategies for protecting intellectual property change. Mark Dauncey explains how nanotech firms can benefit from a flexible and adaptable IP strategy.

Smooth sailing

Superhydrophobic surfaces with the right microscopic structures could help reduce friction on ships, as CJ Kim explains

The cutting edge of quantum physics

Daniel Twitchen and Matthew Markham explain how diamonds could become a quantum physicist’s best friend

Single molecules take on Formula 1

Progress in the nanomechanics of a single molecule brings motorsports to the nanoscale.

Electrospinning forms a common thread in new technologies

(with movie) Twenty years on from its development, electrospinning proves a versatile technique for applications from nerve grafts and drug delivery to sensing.

Highlights from ICFO: photonics finds faster, smaller and longer challenges

(with movies) We trace the story of ICFO, one of Europe’s key photonics research hubs, and find out about some of the trail-blazing research currently underway at the centre.

Nanomechanics – the whole is more than the sum of its parts

The behaviour that renders nanomaterials soft or strong can be far from trivial, often involving interactions on a range of scales from macrostructures to nanostructures and – in the case of biostructures – the amino acids and proteins they are built from.

Atomic force microscopy – 30 years on

(with video) visits Basel in Switzerland, home to some of the pioneers in AFM technologies, to find out how far the field has come in the past three decades.

Supercapacitors empower sustainable energy storage

As the prospect of catastrophic climate change looms, supercapacitor technology has attracted increased attention from researchers keen to exploit its potential to supply a practical, clean energy solution.

Fostering strategies in materials design

Finding a material to meet a minimum set of requirements can be a matter of trial and error, but knowing what will be the best material usually means understanding how it meets those requirements.

Atomic layer deposition – tooling up nanotechnology step by step

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) was already a useful tool for thin films in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the end of the 1990s that the great match between the fabrication requirements in nanotechnology and the precision and control the technique can achieve became apparent.

Clinicians, companies and academics converge for Nano World Cancer Day 2016

From patient compliance and receptor-aided drug delivery, to regulatory taxonomy and funding, experts from different sectors came together to tackle the challenge of improving cancer treatments.

Light discussion on nanophotonics

During the 2015 International Year of Light, Nanotechnology brought together a panel of research experts to discuss the most pressing topics in nanophotonics research.

Single-electron devices come together

The ability to produce transistor structures so small that the current is just a single electron has created an intersection of research in quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electronics, quantum information and metrology (with audio).