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Key achievements and challenges in STM and AFM

Mervyn Miles describes achievements in high-resolution high-speed AFM and challenges in applying it to living cells.

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In depth

A feature-length look at the nanotechnology sector

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Graphene research moves towards devices

Research into applications for graphene in real devices takes over from the initial studies on graphene production.

Podcast: nanomaterials workshop builds on spirit of Choshu five

Anna Demming reports from the recent AIMR-UCL event celebrating 150 years since the arrival of pioneering Japanese scholars in the UK and discovers some of the secrets to running successful international collaborations

Graphene's potential to provide drinking water

Removing impurities from water could turn out to be a key application for graphene

Show report: COMS 2013

Industry and academia meet up in the Netherlands to examine the commercialization of micro- and nanotechnology

NASA targets nanotechnology for space exploration

Meyya Meyyappan, director of the Center for Nanotechnology at NASA Ames Research Center, reveals some of the success stories so far and discusses opportunities for technology transfer.

Starting from scratch

NaugaNeedles CEO Mehdi Yazdanpanah describes how he turned his PhD research into a successful small business producing customized SPM probes, despite starting off with just $500 in his bank account.

Nanoparticle detector and nanotextured display share prizes at 2012 IOP Innovation Awards

Instrument maker Naneum and LCD innovator ZBD Displays win awards at Institute of Physics event.

Making the 'wonder material'

Daniel Stolyarov describes how he and his wife, Elena Polyakova, turned the graphene boom into a business.

How to build a successful start-up

What does it take to make a business out of the latest nanotechnology breakthrough? Richard Stevenson speaks to industry insiders to find out the steps that are involved.

Special issue: quantum memory

Key topics include photon-echo- and EIT-based memories, off-resonance storage, cavity and multiple scattering, storage materials, sources and detection, networking of memory units, and dissipative entanglement

Plasma roadmap flags up nano challenges

16 world-renowned experts join forces to review the field and highlight future opportunities for plasma science and technology

Show report: nano tech 2012, Tokyo

Leaders from academia, industry and government agencies gather at the world's largest nanotech event

The story of graphene

Yvette Hancock documents the remarkable properties of graphene and rounds up some of the potential applications that have grabbed the attention of scientists worldwide

Video insights on nanotechnology #2

Nanoplasmonic streaking, photonic crystals and superconductivity are the key themes in this second instalment of our multimedia update series

NCAT ERC on track to revolutionize metallic biomaterials

Center director Jagannathan Sankar explains how the ERC fits into North Carolina's growing nanobiotechnology hub and details the foundations that have been put in place to create smart implants for treating orthopedic, craniofacial and cardiovascular ailments

Field guide: technological advances in electrospinning of nanofibres

A better understanding of the electric field profile and its effect on the electrospinning jet together with upgrades in mechanical set-ups are allowing researchers to fabricate ever more elaborate structures based on a stream of nanofibre. Writing in our partner journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Wee-Eong Teo, Ryuji Inai and Seeram Ramakrishna track the developments.

Report identifies trends in global nanotech funding

Fastest growth rates seen in Asia as China challenges US for top spot

What does it take to ensure robust manufacturing at the nanoscale? teams up with the journal Measurement Science and Technology to highlight progress in the field of nanometrology

Video insights on nanotechnology #1

Multimedia updates on modified graphene, re-writable nanolithography, qubits, resistance switching in amorphous carbon and flow control of nano objects, presented by the people who know the work best – the researchers

From heterostructures to nanostructures

Highlights from a special issue of the journal Semiconductor Science and Technology celebrating the 80th birthday of Zhores Alferov