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Watch Davor Sutija, CEO of Thin Film Electronics, describe developments helping near-field communications technology bring brands to consumers.

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A feature-length look at the nanotechnology sector

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DNA sequencing: Nanotechnology unravels the code for life

The two main drivers in next-generation DNA sequencing technology are arguably increasing the speed and reducing the cost of DNA reading, both of which are likely to be tackled using nanotechnology.

Nano-cartography: knowing where to look

Mapping aids navigation. Now a well-stocked tool box of approaches provides information on how electronic, optical, mechanical and magnetic properties vary in nanosystems, with ever more refined techniques for accruing insights into the interplay of different system parameters.

Electron microscopy reaches new heights

(with audio) Researchers gathered at the inauguration of the SuperSTEM 3 electron microscope in Daresbury, UK, told about their outlook for the equipment and its high-resolution spectroscopic and spatial capabilities.

Nanophotonics and plasmonics: a great look for the International Year of Light

Studies of the interactions of light with nanostructures have revealed behaviour that can be exploited in new devices for slowing, filtering, trapping, confining and enhancing light.

MRS Fall 2014

We pick out some of the highlights from MRS Fall 2014.

Upconversion: When two wrongs make a right

Upconversion anti-Stokes processes allows emitted photons with higher energy than the energy of the incident photons, which may greatly benefit photovoltaic and photocatalysis technologies.

Making good of losses: generating heat with nanostructures

Nanoscale structures provide a rich playing field for generating useful heat from losses.

Bionanotechnology: Arrays in the future prospects of the field

Nanotechnology’s prominence in modern medicine is indisputable, but establishing exactly how biological systems will interact with nanostructures can be far from clean cut. We look at some of the progress in the field so far and trends that are emerging from the literature.

Carbon and terahertz nanotechnology: A promising alliance

The unique characteristics of both terahertz radiation and carbon nanostructures are encouraging a number of researchers to investigate potential physics and applications that combine them.

Brazil’s research investment yields returns at the nanoscale

We speak to researchers in the top nanomaterials labs in Brazil about their work and how it has been affected by recent research funding.

Lancaster University launches Quantum Technology Centre

Centre director Yuri Pashkin and Mark Rushforth from the faculty of science and technology at Lancaster University speak to about the new Quantum Technology Centre, which will be launched on Wednesday 28 May.

Thermoelectric nanodevices: Catering for global energy needs little by little

By enlisting the idiosyncrasies of nanostructures, thermoelectric power could be a useful source of energy particularly for small devices.

Ion age transport: Developing devices beyond electronics

Controlling the movement of ions and molecules through nanoscale channels offers a promising alternative to the use of traditional electronic current in a range of medical, sensing and energy devices.

Podcast: Trends in Nanotechnology conference comes to Japan

Anna Demming reports from nanoweek in Tokyo where the conference Trends in Nanotechnology joins the line-up of events in Japan for the first time.

Graphene research moves towards devices

Research into applications for graphene in real devices takes over from the initial studies on graphene production.

Podcast: nanomaterials workshop builds on spirit of Choshu five

Anna Demming reports from the recent AIMR-UCL event celebrating 150 years since the arrival of pioneering Japanese scholars in the UK and discovers some of the secrets to running successful international collaborations

Graphene's potential to provide drinking water

Removing impurities from water could turn out to be a key application for graphene

Show report: COMS 2013

Industry and academia meet up in the Netherlands to examine the commercialization of micro- and nanotechnology

NASA targets nanotechnology for space exploration

Meyya Meyyappan, director of the Center for Nanotechnology at NASA Ames Research Center, reveals some of the success stories so far and discusses opportunities for technology transfer.

Starting from scratch

NaugaNeedles CEO Mehdi Yazdanpanah describes how he turned his PhD research into a successful small business producing customized SPM probes, despite starting off with just $500 in his bank account.