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3: Manipulating light with metamaterials

Silvia Peruch and Nicolas Olivier show us their work in Anatoly Zayat's Lab at King's College London looking at metamaterials.

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In depth

A feature-length look at the nanotechnology sector

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2010 update: NC nanotechnology

Back in 2008, things were clicking into place for North Carolina's nanotechnology sector, but how does the landscape look in 2010?

Video briefing: laser toolkit unwrapped

In this extended feature, Stanford University experts describe how laser systems are being used to interrogate atoms and molecules and discuss some of the new technologies coming on board

Special issue: semiconductor nanotechnology

Highlights from NGC/CSTC, with a focus on novel materials and devices for electronics, photonics and renewable energy applications

Semiconductor nanowires: synthesis, properties and applications

Chennupati Jagadish of the Australian National University introduces a special issue of Semiconductor Science and Technology

Special issue: nano and random lasers

Guest Editors Diederik S Wiersma and Mikhail A Noginov focus on extreme miniature sources of stimulated emission

Review: fabricating plasmonic components via nanoimprint lithography

Alexandra Boltasseva reviews the technology and discusses applications ranging from subwavelength optical interconnects to biosensors

Nanotechnology: looking back to think ahead

What did the future look like a decade ago? Thomas E Mallouk of Penn State University, US, reflects on the explosive growth of nanotechnology

Review: preparing magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

A guide to the quickest and most reliable ways of making magnetic nanoparticles for medical imaging, drug delivery and therapeutic use grouped by size and including multicomponent systems

Video: Spintronics made easy

David Awschalom, Director of the California NanoSystems Institute, explains how electron spin could be harnessed to create very dense computer memories and even quantum computers

Moore and more progress in electronics and photonics

Meyya Meyyappan of the NASA Ames Research Center picks out some of his favourite papers from Nanotechnology as the journal celebrates its 20th volume

Nanotechnology drives innovation

Exclusive video report on custom and off-the-shelf nanoanalytical techniques, interview with a quantum dot developer and more...

Focus on graphene

Get up to speed on graphene by browsing NJP's free-to-read package of top papers

RUSNANO attracts nanotechnology on an industrial scale

Researchers seeking business partners and high-tech companies looking for capital could all benefit from the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies' global investment program

Focus on micro- and nanofluidics

Free-to-read articles on measuring or manipulating flows at the scale of a few hundred microns or smaller

MST special issue: nanoscale metrology

Highlights from the 4th seminar on nanoscale calibration standards and methods

SPM software offers new opportunities for building nanostructures

Adam Kollin and John Keem of RHK Technology explain how their firm's graphical interface is helping users to make the most of scanning probe microscopy

Focus issue: NanoSQUIDs

Cathy Foley and Hans Hilgenkamp give an overview of nano-scale superconducting interference devices and highlight some of the latest applications

Nanoscale phenomena in hydrogen storage: editorial preview

John Vajo, Fred Pinkerton and Ned Stetson set the scene for a special issue of Nanotechnology

Nanoparticles inspire plasmonic solar cells

Caryl Richards interviews Kylie Catchpole of the ANU's Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems to find out how a coating of silver nanoparticles is helping to drive down the cost of solar energy

Nanopositioning: how to make the right choices

Stefan Vorndran takes a look at five key application areas to illustrate what's on offer