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3: Manipulating light with metamaterials

Silvia Peruch and Nicolas Olivier show us their work in Anatoly Zayat's Lab at King's College London looking at metamaterials.

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Holey LEDs target TV backlights

Nanoimprint lithography offers a route to making high-performance LEDs at the right price point. Faiz Rahman and Ali Khokhar go into detail.

Controlling carbon nanotube geometry via tuneable process parameters

Martin Culpepper & Michael Cullinan's predictive approach takes the guesswork out of growing the right-sized carbon nanotubes

Buckyballs of the Future

Thomas Anthopoulos charts the progress of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) and discusses the role of fullerenes in future devices

SPM and biology: a special issue

Andreas Engel and Mervyn Miles share their thoughts on nanotechnology at the interface of cell biology, materials science and medicine

NC maps out its nanotechnology future

John Hardin of the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology gives the inside view on what the region has to offer

Force-microscopy firm finds success in 3D

Hamish Johnston speaks with Asylum's Roger Proksch about the firm's journey into the competitive world of nanoscale 3D imaging

HiPerNano rises to the challenge

Martin Kemp of the UK's Nanotechnology KTN focuses on high-performance nano-enhanced materials (HiPerNano)

Novel thin films target device applications

E Fred Schubert and colleagues reveal why changing the inclination of nanorods on a substrate could benefit solar cells and LEDs

Nano-engineering biocompatible materials

Lucy Bosworth discusses how electrospun fibres with diameters ranging from nanometres to microns could help restore damaged tissue

Carbon nanotubes battle radiation sickness

Tami Freeman looks into an experimental drug based on carbon nanotubes being developed by medical researchers in the US

AFM tools: cutting big problems down to size

Sung Park discusses how innovations in atomic force microscope technology are delivering measurement solutions at the nanoscale

Deposition improves medical implants

Alistair Kean and Lars Allers of Mantis Deposition explain why their nano-coating method suits the most delicate of materials

Nanoimprint lithography moves into markets

Pascal Gubbini, Lars Montelius and Enrico Piechotka share their thoughts on the rise of nanoimprint lithography

Virus image leads to successful nanosizing tool

Jeremy Warren, CEO of NanoSight, outlines the firm's journey into the nanoparticle characterization market

Nanowires promise battery-free power

Zhong Lin Wang of Georgia Tech's nanoscience and nanotechnology faculty puts forward the case for energy harvesting ZnO arrays

Nanotechnology cleans up fouling

Jim Callow, coordinator of AMBIO, gives an update on the EURO 18 million project and describes some of its early success stories

Graphene simulations hint at future electronics

Denis Areshkin of the US Naval Research Lab uses his simulation know-how to come up with building blocks for future electronic devices

Regulating nanotechnology - meeting the challenge

Regulating nanotechnology is no easy task, as environmental lawyer Paul Collins explains.

Small returns for nanoscience?

Richard Jones reviews The Nanotech Pioneers: Where are they taking us?, an overview of nanotechnology by Steven A Edwards.

Nanophotonics means products, not markets

Nanotechnology promised to revolutionize the optics industry, but major commercial success has remained elusive. Tom Hausken reports.