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Feynman Lectures 50th anniversary celebration seminar series

Enhancing signals from the nanoworld

Speaker: Mildred Dresselhaus from MIT

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Lab talk

Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

Managing power in triboelectric nanogenerators for wireless sensing

Enhancing output current and power with capacitor arrays.

Nanorod arrays enhance amino acid separation signal

Oblique angle deposition provides route to capillary electrophoretic separation.

Mapping water layers above pristine surfaces

Simple method gives access to the hydration layers of calcite.

Carbon nanotubes increase clinical breast imaging efficiency

High-current CNT field emitters provide route to the early detection of human breast cancer.

Nanostars for hot-spot engineering

Multi-tip geometry provides electromagnetic field enhancement

Cuprous oxide networks for efficient solar hydrogen production

A cost-effective and practical solution to energy conversion.

Controlling carbon nanotube photoluminescence

Silicon microring resonators could be key to carbon nanotube-based light sources.

Growing pyrite crystals from molecular ink

A "golden" opportunity for energy applications.

Towards DNA electronics: gold improves conductivity

Altering the electronic properties of DNA with the incorporation of gold (III) ions.

Simulating effective cancer hyperthermia using carbon nanotubes

Mesoscopic model provides insights into efficient heat transfer.

Lithium ion batteries: nanostructured composites improve storage properties

Introducing reduced graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes can stabilize transition metal oxides

Copper nanoclusters show promise in detecting hydrogen sulfide

Luminescent aggregates can detect poisonous gas from hot springs

Quantum dot-anthraquinone conjugates as intracellular pH nanosensors

New family can determine pH in a wide variety of samples

Determining the translocation of nanoparticles

The properties of grafted polymers control the flux of nanoparticles through a channel

Seeing atoms under viscous conditions

An unexpected route to high-resolution atomic force microscopy

A new conceptual structure for high-density memory applications

Anti-parallel-connected diodes provide a bipolar RRAM selector

Boron nitride can harvest mechanical vibrations at the nanoscale

Piezoelectric properties provide an all-in-one solution to energy harvesting

Using solid-state nanopores to examine proteins

Nanopores are high-throughput, high-sensitivity probes of the binding of small molecules to proteins

Tweaking the magnetism of molybdenum sulphide nanoribbons

Calculations reveal how to tune the magnetic properties of MoS2 nanoribbons by passivating the edges with H and C

Achieving a Fermi level shift in graphene without an applied gate

Incorporating defects in boron nitride can lead to novel electronic properties