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Lab talk

Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

SPECTRL measures spatial response of tumor phantoms to nanoparticle-enhanced photothermal therapy in 3D

Digital method provides detailed assessment of kill and transition zones for evaluating targeted cancer treatments.

Encapsulation boosts output from carbon nanotube thermoacoustic sound projector

Carbon nanotube sheet in inert gas enclosure shows promise for transparent and flexible audio loudspeakers and sound projectors for SONAR applications

Capacitive touchpad demonstrates high-performance silver nanowire network

Simple decanting process allows easy separation of nanoparticle by-products.

Understanding non-ohmic behaviour in hydrogenated graphene

Mono-layered graphene exposed briefly to hydrogen plasma and current-voltage characteristics examined

Kelvin probe microscopy measures chemical doping of reduced graphene oxide

Tufts team obtains high-resolution maps of surface potential and local charge distribution on RGO-based chemical sensors to help optimize device performance

Silver nanowire network optimized for use as transparent electrode

Planar structure performs well in PLED test device

Hierarchically porous metastable hollow nanospheres decompose pollutants

Metastable β-Ag2WO4 hollow nanospheres synthesized by a precipitation reaction in the presence of poly methacrylic acid have multiple applications

Deterministic ion implantation: fabricating arrays of single dopant atoms

Active substrate blanks beam when a single ion implant is detected and advances nanostencil to new location

Melt-compounding with graphene enhances elastomer composites

Adding graphene nanoplatelets could prolong service life of elastomer products

Nanopolyaniline filled with gold nanoparticles sniffs ammonia vapour

Resistive device made from composite material operates at room temperature

CMOS chip transformed into nanopore sensor

Platform paves the way for highly compact and massively parallel biosensors on-a-chip

Plasmonics ramp up nanocrystal photosensor performance

Adding a layer of metallic nanoparticles upgrades light-sensitive device skin

Understanding the mechanical response of super-stiff supramolecular nanotubes

Level and rate of applied load could be used to adjust polydispersity and length of cyclic structures through fragmentation process

Contact-free electrical characterisation of semiconductor nanowires

Optical pump-terahertz probe spectroscopy helps to guide the choice of nanowires for different applications such as solar cells or high-speed electronics

Nanowire team examines emission from radial quantum structures

Correlated micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence imaging measurements reveal narrow peaks and identify spatial origin of the emission

Graphene forms transparent actuator

Applications include tactile displays and vari-focal lenses

Plasmonic nanoscope measures heterogeneous nanostructures

Scanning plasmonic ridge aperture senses changes in refractive index and absorption of nanostructures, which is useful for detecting voids or defects in a sample.

Boron nitride whiskers exhibit extremely high surface area

Porous material could store hydrogen or help to clean up wastewater

Short- and long-range SPP waveguides detect xylene

Nanostructured plasmonic gas sensors fabricated by embedding sinusoidal surface plasmon metallic gratings in phenyl-bridged polysilsesquioxane films.

Electronic connection to biomolecular fibre established

STM reveals electron transfer molecules organized by protein fibres.