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Pushing the boundaries in OLEDs

Sangyoon Lee, senior vice president and general manager at Samsung’s Organic Materials Lab describes Samsung’s leading technologies and material design.

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Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

Smart nanoparticles actively deliver to the brain

Apolipoprotein E functionalised nanoparticles offer improved brain drug delivery.

Revealing the optical properties of metal-carbon composite materials

EBID processes enable tailoring of geometric and optical properties of fabricated nanostructures.

Antimatter matters! especially for polymer brushes

Positron annihilation spectroscopy demonstrates its value for the study of nanoparticle-brush composites.

Terahertz wave manipulation using graphene cut-wires

New graphene metasurface with high efficiency is proposed.

Two-dimensional silica can behave as an auxetic material

New ground state of bilayer silica is discovered.

Simply and effectively assembling nanowires

Nanowire alignment is easily achieved by stretching plastic.

Ionic screening suppresses the noise in nanoFETs

Ionic screening effect makes the background current noise in liquid-gated nanowire FETs smaller.

How graphene tears on an oxidising metal surface

Mechanical tearing is the predominant defect generation mechanism during the surface oxidation.

Graphene-based quantum algorithm at room temperature

Graphene offers high-fidelity quantum computation at room temperature, in a miniaturised device.

Molecular decoration uncovers molybdenum disulphide grain boundaries

Self-assembled monolayer decoration enables the visualisation of grain boundaries with sub-micrometer resolution.

Absorbed DNA molecules can be moved on the surface

New technique enables realignment of DNA molecules on mica and silicon surfaces.

White light emission from a Si nanocrystal thin film

Observation of white light emission suggests potential for applications in white-light Si lasing and Si lighting.

Resistive synaptic array paves the way for on-chip neuro-computing

Resistive synaptic device emulates the biological synapse in a neural network.

Nanographene broadens memory prospects

High density nanographene based CTM provides a path for future miniaturised memory devices.

Mass producing tunable nanoparticles

Nanoparticles fabricated with heterogeneous materials and controlled three-dimensional shapes using nanoimprint lithography show interesting plasmonic response.

InGaN/GaN multiquantum wells show high stability

InGaN/GaN quantum wells shows high stability upon ion irradiation.

Controlling local magnetic fields with electrically generated strain

Electric field control of local magnetization orientation is possible.

Nanosheet arrays provide on-chip supercapacitors

High performance On-chip supercapacitors can be fabricated by electrochemically co-deposited CuO/polypyrrole nanosheet arrays.

Producing air-stable black phosphorus transistors

Passivation with SiO2 prevents degradation in air allowing hardier devices that exploit the unique charge transport properties of black phosophorus.

Breaking the limits for spatial resolution with elemental sensitivity

Researchers combine high-resolution microscopy techniques with the uniquely high chemical sensitivity of secondary ion mass spectroscopy