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Feynman Lectures 50th anniversary celebration seminar series

Building a brain - The atomic switch network

Professor Gimzewski from UCLA describes new approaches that may be used in neuromorphic engineering

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Lab talk

Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

Carbon nanomaterials: sensitizing cancer cells to chemotherapeutics

Nanofibers and nanotubes overcome chemisresistance and adverse side effects.

Patterning bumpy surfaces

Focussed ion beam lithography provides a new flexible route to suspended nanostructures.

Nanoscale position sensors: spintronics offer a low-cost alternative to optics

Detecting changes in magnetic field for high-speed sensing.

Limiting 'wiggle room' increases carbon chain stiffness

Control of molecular confinement and length can tune the compressive stiffness of carbyne.

Bagasse-derived fluorescent carbon dots for bio-imaging

A more sustainable route to these new carbon nanomaterials.

Selective electrochemical biosensing using molybdenum disulfide

Ultrathin MoS2 sheets can overcome interferents for effective enzymatic sensing.

Exploring the photocatalytic properties of titania and graphene nanocomposites

Doping with iron improves stability for further applications.

Double-slit experiment with twisted bilayer graphene

Distinguishing between graphene type using Raman scattering.

Antimicrobial nanosilver filters for safe water

High-speed water sterilization system can separate and destroy contaminants.

Heat-assisted magnetic recording doubles hard disk drive capacity

Novel aluminium-based optics system improves efficiency and is cheap.

Memcapacitors could make our computers faster

Realizing one single platform for brain-inspired computing.

Real-time monitoring of electrons

Understanding thermal noise for high-quality transistors.

Cheap and replicable nano-pillar arrays

Using a master mold widens material choices and applications.

Applicability of the classic elastic models at the nanoscale

Five-fold twinned copper nanowires have mechanical advantages for devices.

Mesoporous silica nanocomposite simplifies combination therapy

Irradiation at a single wavelength is sufficient for destroying cancer.

Modifying bismuth sulfide for biocompatible CT imaging

Incorporating Pluronic F127 improves safety.

Manually manipulating graphene using pasters

New transfer technique preserves graphene integrity.

Understanding MRSA: a new tool for assessing antibacterial agents

Improving understanding by extracting membrane-embedded proteins.

Enhanced gene silencing using dual-ligand modification

Quantum dots provide a visible gene-delivery vehicle.

Chitosan provides skeleton for anticancer pro-drug

Targeting cancer therapy with acid-activation.