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Nanotechnology Discussions podcasts

Electromagnetism at the nanoscale

A podcast celebrating 150 years of Maxwell's equations

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Latest Audio and video

Lloyd's Register Foundation focuses on nanotechnology

Listen to speaking to Professor Richard Clegg about the Lloyd's Register Foundation strategy for 2014–2020 and its commitment to nanotechnology and big data research in the context of managing risk and safety in engineering.

The Royal Microscopical Society at 175 launches the Microscience Microscopy Congress catches up with academics and industry specialists at the Microscience Microscopy Congress launched by the Royal Microscopical Society as they celebrate their 175th anniversary.

Nanotechnology Discussions podcasts: Electromagnetism at the nanoscale

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Maxwell equations, IOP Publishing's Nanotechnology speaks to Professor Jennifer Dionne, Professor Satoshi Kawata and Professor Adarsh Sandhu about electromagnetism at the nanoscale.

Nanotechnology Discussions podcasts: Celebrating 25 years of Nanotechnology

IOP Publishing's Nanotechnology speaks to Professor Christoph Gerber, Professor Franz Gießibl and Professor James K Gimzewski about the field of nanotechnology as we embark on our 25th volume.

Nanotechnology Discussions podcasts: Nanotechnology in tackling energy issues

IOP Publishing's Nanotechnology speaks to Professor Mildred Dresselhaus, Professor George GrĂ¼ner, Professor Zhong Lin Wang and Professor Andrew Maynard about the role of nanotechnology in tackling today's energy issues.

Asylum Research

Introducing the Cypher Atomic Force Microscope – the World’s highest Resolution AFM

EV Group (EVG)

Solutions for 3D Integration and TSV (Through-Silicon Via)

Review: preparing magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

A guide to the quickest and most reliable ways of making magnetic nanoparticles for medical imaging, drug delivery and therapeutic use grouped by size and including multicomponent systems

Video: Spintronics made easy

David Awschalom, Director of the California NanoSystems Institute, explains how electron spin could be harnessed to create very dense computer memories and even quantum computers

Nanotechnology drives innovation

Exclusive video report on custom and off-the-shelf nanoanalytical techniques, interview with a quantum dot developer and more...


Beyond the diffraction limit AFM Integration with Light

In this webinar we will present exciting recent applications and instrumentation developments in the field of AFM integration with optics aimed for super-resolution optical imaging. We will show the advantages and limitations of each technique when applied to various samples. Review sample and probe preparation issues and give an overview of how your specific research can benefit from each technique.

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Latest advances in plasma techniques used for atomic layer deposition

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has established itself as the deposition technique of choice for ultra-thin, controlled, conformal, pin-hole free coatings. In an age of nanotechnology advances ALD is an ideal tool for depositing on nanoscale features.

Professor Erwin Kessels covers:
• recent advances in plasma ALD processing through careful control of the ion energies and plasma conditions to tune the properties of the materials being deposited;
• applications of ALD that have benefited from advanced plasma techniques.

The webinar runs for 45 minutes and includes a question and answer session at the end.

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Navigated Atomic Force Microscopy with N8 NEOS

Most atomic force microscopes (AFM) are stand-alone configurations. They either have limited viewing options or only work with transparent samples with less than optimal resolution e.g. in combination with inverted optical microscopes. The N8 NEOS is the first high-performance AFM with the look and feel of an upright optical microscope. The truly seamless integration of the two methods combines both, fast sample navigation and optimum resolution.
The webinar highlights the unique features and upgrade options that make the N8 NEOS a versatile and efficient surface inspection tool. Various applications demonstrate the advantages of a navigated AFM even on samples hardly accessible with conventional instruments.

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Green energy simulations

Speaker: Keith Howard, branch manager, COMSOL UK Ltd

This webinar will demonstrate some of the many applications where green energy simulations are crucial to engineering success. Examples include solar, wind and hydropower. You will see how to handle the coupled effects that are constantly present in green energy simulations.

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