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4: Quantum-dot light sources for industry

Dr Wang, founder and CEO of Mesolight, demonstrates some of the cutting-edge quantum-dot products they have developed.

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Porous graphene envelope improves performance of platinum catalysts

Encapsulating Pt nanoparticles with carbon layers also makes them more resistant to catalytic degradation.

Doped nanocrystals blink and delay

How do electrons and holes produce intermittent fluorescence in semiconductors?

Ultracold ions put friction to the test

Experiment shows how "stick–slip" processes can be finely tuned.

Catheter studies raise acid alert

Surface studies of chemotherapy drugs on common silver catheter coatings reveal alarming reactivity levels.

Cleaning up metallic oxide interfaces

Insulating buffer layer improves electron mobility of 2D electron gases.

Tabletop technique maps thermal transport

MIT team has measured how far phonons travel in a material using ultrafast optical spectroscopy.

Single-molecule diode in new current record

Highest rectification ratio ever measured for such a device.

STM avoids “tip crash”

Tokyo researchers measure the electrical conductance at specific sites on a single-atom point contact using a scanning tunnelling microscopy technique.

Nanopillars probe cell nuclei

New technique measures nuclear mechanics quickly and non-invasively.

Ferrocene makes good semi-liquid battery

New energy storage device bridges the gap between batteries and capacitors.

Better understanding phosphorene

Low-frequency interlayer “breathing” modes shed more light on promising new 2D semiconductor.

Piezoelectric patch measures skin’s elasticity

New device might be used to assess a variety of cutaneous diseases, and even test how effective cosmetic products are.

Spin currents endure at room temperature in germanium

Magnetic measurement could boost the fortunes of spintronics.

Nanomachine pumps molecules uphill

New molecular machine is inspired by those found in nature.

Getting rid of dangling bonds in thin-film photovoltaics

New absorber material shows promise for solar cells.

Polymer encapsulation device could help treat diabetes

Micro- and nano-porous thin films might be employed in cell replacement therapy.

Nanopores detect individual proteins

New antibody model system could form the basis of a high-speed method to probe DNA-protein interactions.

Electron pairing without superconductivity seen at long last

Tiny transistor reveals electrons marching two by two.

Swirling light beams carve intricate patterns

Logarithmic spirals could further our understanding of light.

Improving LFP battery cathodes

Researchers make new high storage capacity 3D composite from reduced graphene oxide loaded with lithium iron phosphate nanoparticles.