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Electrons in chains

New scanning probe experiments reveal the chemical and electronic structure of semiconducting conjugated polymers

Nanotube NEMS controls electron-phonon coupling

Ultraclean device allows researchers to study one of the most fundamental interactions in solid-state physics

MoS2 nanoflakes make good biosensors

Molybdenite can detect glucose

Tiniest bioprobe breaks new size record

New device could be ideal for exploring miniscule subcellular structures such as synapses and measuring the electrical activity of neural networks

Raman scattering gives bioimaging a boost

New findings could help improve medical imaging techniques based on secondary light emission from plasmonic nanostructures

Surface writing produces optical waveguides

Focused laser beam can be used to tailor the refractive index of titania nanotubes

Optical nanoantenna goes wide wavelength

New tuneable on-graphene device might find use in reconfigurable “metasurfaces”, adaptive optics and optoelectronics

New integrated quantum circuit is most complex ever

Structure could find use in quantum information processing applications

Graphene interlayer makes good dielectric film

New carbon-ferroelectric composite could be ideal in plastic electronics best of 2013

Flexible thermoelectric generators, digital patches and nanoscale platinum printing are just three of’s highlights for 2013. To discover our pick of the last 12 months, read on…

SPP propagation distance depends on nanowire cross-section shape

Result will be important for making improved nano-optics devices from nanowires in the future

CNT films conduct heat as well as metals

Single-walled carbon nanotubes could help cool down smart phones and tablets

Flexible TEG breaks new power record

Thermoelectric generator could be used in mobile phones, laptops, biomedical sensors and other portable devices

Intercalation tunes plasmonic properties

Layered 2D nanoplates might find use in optoelectronics applications

Tuneable rectifier advances molecular electronics

Researchers succeed in controlling the behaviour of rectifiers and diodes at the single molecule level for the first time

How to build a memcomputer

Unexpected discovery could lead to the development of computers that resemble the human brain

Nanodiamond NVs live longer

Electron coherence time reaches 210 µs in high-purity diamond nanocrystals

Stress produces light-hole exciton

Researchers observe exciton's ground state in a semiconducting quantum dot

New nanotube SET images buried crystal domains

Experiments shed light on where the puzzlingly large piezoelectricity of SrTiO3 comes from

FM radio transmitter breaks new size record

Columbia University researchers have built the smallest radio signal source ever from a graphene nanomechanical oscillator