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Molecular chain makes tiniest vibrating beam

Smallest ever nanomechanical resonator consists of just four to 12 individual weakly interacting molecules

Collective strength: enhancing sensors

An optical sensor based on a plasmonic metamaterial nanorod array allows highly explosive hydrogen to be detected with the naked eye

MoOx contacts passivate silicon solar cells

New device already boasts a very high open-circuit voltage of 711 mV and a remarkable solar-to-electric power conversion efficiency of 18.8%

van der Waals crystals improve organic electronics

Applications could include flexible transistors, displays and solid-state lighting

Array of hope for silicon solar cells

The enhanced light absorption in single silicon nanowires does prevail when scaled up into nanowire arrays

Pump-and-probe measures ultrafast electrons in graphene

New study will help design better optoelectronics and terahertz devices based on the carbon sheet

Optical tweezers grab nanometre-sized objects

Low intensity lasers manipulate objects the size of a virus

Nanobionics makes its debut

First nanoparticle-augmented plants made at MIT

Brain structure inspires FinFET

Researchers have made the first flexible version of the semiconductor industry’s most complex transistor

Microbes enhance ultrasound imaging

Gas-containing nanostructures produced by micro-organisms offer the perfect properties for non-invasive cellular imaging

Graphene-like iron made in the lab

New 2D material could have very large magnetic moment

MoOx contacts make p-type transistor

Result bodes well for making low-power CMOS circuits from 2D crystals in the future

Phonon polaritons propagate in 2D

van der Waals crystals could be important for applications in high-density infrared data storage, information transfer and even ultrasound imaging on the nanoscale

Nanoplatform delivers double-drug combo

Squalene-based nanocomposite containing a drug that disrupts blood vessel growth and an anticancer agent could help more efficiently treat tumours

Nano-antenna boosts nonlinear optics

Plasmonic field enhancements increase nonlinear interactions by a factor of a million.

3D nanocatalysts go dodecahedron

New bimetallic hollow structures could rival the best platinum catalysts available today

Graphene oxide makes smart textiles

Researchers have developed a new type of strong, flexible and high-capacitance yarn from the carbon material

Tiny membrane converts radio waves to light

Device could help build a "quantum internet"

Graphene-copper interconnects are cool

New hybrid structure could help electronic chips better dissipate unwanted heat

Nano-LEDS brighten nanocircuit prospects

Electrically driven nanoscale light source connects electronic and optical circuits.