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Plasmonic metasurface produces smallest 3D hologram

Array of gold nanorods can encode the phase profile of light

Nickel nanofilm protects silicon PEC anode

A new corrosion-resistant electrode for use in photoelectrochemical cells could help in the development of large-scale hydrogen generators in the future

Quantum Hall effect created using light

Lattice of waveguides provides topological protection

Natural metamaterial looks cooler when heated

Film could have military and communication applications

Raman spectroscopy measures new Dirac energy points in graphene

Electronic properties of carbon material change when it is aligned on boron nitride

Nanotube sensors detect live biomarkers

First in vivo CNT devices can be injected into the bloodstream or implanted under the skin

Brush block copolymers self assemble nanodevices

A new and simple way to make 2D periodic nanopatterns

Unpaired spins make graphene magnetic

Result bodes well for future spintronics devices made from the carbon material

Nanotubes go superlubricous

Friction between inner and outer DWCNT shells is almost non-existent

Magnetic manganese ions dope nanowires

Innovative implantation technique helps make magnetic nanowires that can then be directly integrated onto silicon chips

Graphene sheets get closer

Researchers have observed strong Coulomb drag where they should not have

Graphene transfer tactic pays off for flexible devices

New lamination technique dispenses with intermediate glue

Staggered nanomotors mimic active matter

Penn State researchers have analysed the forces between catalytically driven motors in fluids

Graphene spacer creates sub-nanometre gap in plasmonic sandwich

Carbon material can separate nanocomponents by a distance of just one atomic thickness

Silica nanoparticles deliver anti-cancer drugs

Mesoporous SiO2 has been labelled with radioactive copper and TRC105 antibody for the first time

Surface plasmons reveal grain boundaries in graphene

New non-destructive nano-imaging technique shows that defects act as electronic barriers in carbon material grown by CVD

2D graphene analogue makes novel energy-storage electrode

Vanadyl phosphate can be combined with carbon sheets to make high-performance, flexible and ultrathin-film solid-state pseudocapacitors

3D nanostructured composite makes good battery anode

New device made from silicon nanoparticles, conducting polymer hydrogel and CNTs could be ideal in next-generation high-energy storage lithium-ion batteries

MRI goes nanoscale

Technique could come in extremely useful for imaging biological organisms

Adding holes to graphene

Carbon sheet can be successfully p-doped with boron