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Multijunction solar cells break new records

Full spectrum printed devices have efficiencies of nearly 44% and module level results of 36.5%

Multiple optical traps economize on laser power

Recycling laser power using an interferometer provides single-molecule biophysicists with multiple optical traps that are stable and less energy intensive than previous approaches.

Facet-controlled nanosheets improve Li-ion batteries

Researchers have synthesized single crystalline {010}-oriented nanosheets of lithium iron phosphate

Watching phase transitions in 2D semiconductors

New observations might be important for "in-layer" assembly of electronics devices in the future

Chalcogenide monolayers make good LEDs and lasers

A whole new world of heterojunctions based on 2D semiconductors

Nanotube-loaded monocytes treat tumours

Surprising new discovery could help fight a number of diseases, such as cancer, atherosclerosis and diabetes

Gateway opens for tuning diamond devices

Solid-state gate structures bring an unprecedented level of control to the state of defect centres in diamond, which may be useful in quantum computing, sensing and applications using single photon sources.

Photonic crystal makes watt-class laser

Surface-emitting device could be used in materials processing, sensing, medicine and for making compact optical systems

Loaded nanostars kill cancer cells

Nanoparticles containing large amounts of therapeutic oligonucleotides make for better anti-tumour agents

Blow forming makes BMGs the easy way

A new and speedy technique identifies ideal bulk metallic glass alloys

Electrode nanogap makes good biosensor

New MCBJ can more accurately measure tunnelling currents from single molecules thanks to its insulator coating

Copper nanostructure improves liquid fuel yields

Nanocrystalline catalyst could help store renewable energy more efficiently

Microwaves reverse magnetization

New technique might be used to optimize hard drive writing times or help advance new MRAM device technologies

First principles shine a light on LED design

Studies of light-emitting diodes based on diffusion theory rather than simulations will for the first time allow lighting engineers to predict LED behaviour.

2D transfers made easy

New all-dry viscoelastic stamping technique does not require any wet chemistry steps at all

Graphene synthesis: Joining the dots

Growing oriented graphene seeds until they join up provides a scalable route to high-quality single-crystal graphene.

Virus coating helps deliver drugs

Capsid proteins and DNA “origami” nanostructures could help treat diseases like cancer

Doped semiconductor nanocrystals boost solar concentrators

“Zero self-absorption” quantum dots will make cheaper, more efficient solar cells

Scientists crack oyster's secret of strength

Nanoscale mechanisms that dissipate energy in oyster shells may help in the development of protective equiment.

Saliva powers a MFC

New graphene-anode microbial fuel cell produces nearly 1 µW of power – enough to run ultralow power lab-on-a-chip devices