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Company details

Fiber Optic Comm, Inc. Jul 5, 2011

About this company

Fiber Optic Comm, Inc.
No.5 Bade Road, Sec. 4, Taipei 105, Taiwan

Tel: 886.2528189

Manufacturing and sales of fiber optic equipment and cables. Factories in Taiwan and China.


Products from this company

  1. Aerial/Self-Supporting Fiber Cables/GYTC8S/GYXTW/GYTA/GYTS Jul 6, 2011

    Aerial fiber patch cable provides ease of installation and reduces time and cost. Temperature range -55ºC to +85ºC.

  2. Direct Buried Optical Cable GYTA53/GYTY53/GYTA33/GYFTY Jul 6, 2011

    Buried fiber patch cord is a tight-buffered, water-blocked cable with a black polyethylene outer jacket.

  3. Duct Optical Cables GYDXTW/GYDTS/GYDTA/GYXTC8S Jul 6, 2011

    The duct fiber patch cords are with aluminum foil as a moisture barrier,with aramid or glass yarn for extra axial pulling strength.

  4. SFP plus 10G Twinax Cables Jul 5, 2011

    The sfp+ cable integrate sfp passive and active transceivers into a high-performance cable assembly,data rates up to 10Gbps.

  5. Extended Reach X2 Modules ER/ZR Jul 5, 2011

    These X2 10gb modules support 10Gbps OC192/STM-6 SONET/SDH, OC192 VSR and 10G Fibre Channel,extended range up to 80km.

  6. SFP+ 10G Transceivers SR/LR/ER/LRM Jul 5, 2011

    SFP+ 10G is the smallest 10G fiber optic transceivers that supports next-generation speeds of SFP applications.

  7. XFP 10G Transceivers MMSR/ER/LR/ZR Jul 5, 2011

    These XFP 10Gbps optical transceiver can be used in telecom and datacom (SONET/SDH/DWDM/Gigabit Ethernet) applications.

  8. SGMII SFP HP to Convert between Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Jul 5, 2011

    It connect Gigabit Ethernet to Fast Ethernet,such as between switch and switch interface or switched backplane applications,hp sfp compatible.

  9. OM4 100G Fiber Optic Cables Jul 5, 2011

    OM4 fiber cable is designed to enhance the system cost benefits for current networks and future 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s systems.