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AAC Optical Inc Mar 11, 2010

About this company

AAC Optical Inc
Room108,JINYA building

Tel: 0086-13826587106

AAC optical Inc is specilize in producing and developing optical products, our products includes optical splitter, optical adapter,CWDM, and optical switch .


Products from this company

  1. Integrated Fiber Optic Level Controller and Attenuator Mar 29, 2010

    It is an integrated equipment of variable optical attenuator with a level controller.used for simulation of line loss for BER testing and amplifier testing as well as power level control.

  2. Multi-rate BIDI SFP with Extended Reach Mar 23, 2010

    This transceiver fit for multi-rate from 100Mbps to 2.7Gbps,with extended working distance 60km max.

  3. Multi-rate Optical Fiber Transponder Mar 23, 2010

    Multi-Rate optical transponder provides a new level of deployment flexibility and inventory management.

  4. CWDM 4 Channel Universal Fiber Optic Multiplexer Mar 23, 2010

    This product is a flexible to use economic device designed to help make full use the optical fiber links available bandwidth.

  5. Sealed Fiber Optic Closure for Underwater Optical Management Mar 23, 2010

    This product is a newly developed fiber optic closure that can be used underwater, suit for both round and ribbon cables.

  6. Fibre Channel Analyzer Mar 22, 2010

    Fibre Channel analyzer offers a wide array of advanced analysis capabilities,troubleshooting time is reduced from hours to minutes.

  7. APD/TIA Dual Wavelength Fiber Optic Pigtails Receiver Mar 22, 2010

    This fiber pigtail receivers incorporate a 60-front-illuminated avalanche photodiode (APD) packaged with a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and a single-mode fiber pigtail.

  8. Optical Fiber Splice Shelf Mar 22, 2010

    fiber optic splice shelf is designed to provide a convenient in-rack splicing and interconnection point for outside plant cable entering a central office or customer location.

  9. Voltage-Controlled Optical Fiber Attenuator Mar 22, 2010

    through the use of hermetic sealing technology, and feature latching capabilities. They show excellent optical performance over the C and L bands.

  10. 50GHZ Wavelength Selective Switch Compact Size Mar 17, 2010

    It is a next-generation platform that delivers improved performance and more integrated functionality in a smaller form factor, providing reconfigurability all the way to the network edge.

  11. 1000Base Ethernet and Triple-Play Network Monitor Mar 17, 2010

    It is a carrier-grade, scalable, multiservice monitor and tester to help service providers guarantee service level performance.

  12. Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras for Optical Video Transmission Mar 11, 2010

    they are with advanced auto tracking based on your pre-defined object size, motion speed, grey levels, multiple protocol selection.used in fiber optic video transmissions.

  13. BNC Coaxial To Optical Fiber Video Converters Mar 11, 2010

    BNC coaxial to fiber video converter,multi channel Video for CCTV fixed cameras,support composite video signals over one fiber.they are used in security surveillance.

  14. 1 Channel Video/Audio/Data Optical Multiplexer Mar 11, 2010

    It is designed for applications that demand high quality video (12 bit), audio (24 bit) and data transmission over fiber.

  15. Bi-directional Fiber Optic Video Converter Mar 11, 2010

    This product features differential video and audio inputs that greatly reduce hum and noise.