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Master Bond Jun 6, 2011

About this company

Master Bond
154 Hobart Street
United States

Tel: +1-201-343-8983
Fax: +1-201-343-2132

Master Bond Inc. is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds and impregnation resins. Our line of products consists of epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, acrylics, polyamides and latex systems.


Products from this company

  1. Flexibilized, Thermally Conductive One Part B-Stage Epoxy Resists High Heat Jul 4, 2012

    Formulated for electrical encapsulation applications, Master Bond EP36AO combines thermal conductivity with thermal stability. This flexible, heat resistant epoxy has superior mechanical properties.

  2. Two Component Silicone Combines Flexibility and High Temperature Resistance May 22, 2012

    Offering a blend of high performance properties, Master Bond MasterSil 153 is often used in a variety of bonding and sealing applications involving optical, electrical, aerospace and medical devices.

  3. Abrasion Resistant, Flexible Adhesive is Serviceable at Cryogenic Temperatures May 2, 2012

    Master Bond EP30D-10, offers the strength, flexibility, performance, and adhesive qualities traditionally associated with epoxies, along with the toughness and abrasion resistance of polyurethanes.

  4. Chemically Resistant, Optically Clear Adhesive Cures Upon Exposure to UV Light Apr 12, 2012

    Developed for demanding bonding, coating, and sealing applications, Master Bond UV15-7 produces non-yellowing, tough and durable bonds.

  5. One Part Epoxy Offers Exceptionally High Tensile Strength Mar 2, 2012

    Used for testing the adhesion or cohesive strength of flame sprayed coatings as per the ASTM C633 specification, Master Bond EP15 produces high strength bonds across a wide variety of applications.

  6. Electrically Conductive, Silver Filled Adhesive/Sealant is USP Class VI Approved Jan 18, 2012

    Master Bond EP3HTSMED epoxy system features a rapid cure schedule and a tensile shear strength exceeding 1,000 psi. It is 100% reactive and meets USP Class VI requirements for medical applications.

  7. High Performance, UV Curable Epoxy with Enhanced Chemical Resistance Nov 22, 2011

    Master Bond UV16 is a one component, no mix system and cures in one minute or less at room temperature with commercial UV light sources.

  8. Medical Grade Epoxy Withstands High Temperatures and Repeated Sterilizations Aug 2, 2011

    Capable of tolerating the harsh environments of the medical industry, Master Bond EP42HT-2ND2MED (Black) fully complies with the testing requirements of USP Class VI plastics.

  9. Low Viscosity, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Complies With FDA and USP Class VI Jun 15, 2011

    Master Bond EP21LV is broadly used in the medical and food industries, as it conforms to USP Class VI and Title 21, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, FDA Chapter 1, Section 175.105 requirements.

  10. Food Grade Epoxy Resists High Temperatures Meets FDA CFR 175.30 Jun 6, 2011

    Master Bond is introducing EP42HT-2FG, a food grade epoxy. EP42HT-2FG has been independently tested and certified by a national laboratory to meet the stringent requirements of FDA CFR 175.300.