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Axen Fiber Patch Cables,Inc Jul 7, 2011

About this company

Axen Fiber Patch Cables,Inc
Kinta Free Industrial Zone, Chemor, Perak 31200

Tel: +60.5291780

Supplier of fiber patch cables and equipment. Malaysia.


Products from this company

  1. Plastic Fiber Patch Cables Simplex and Duplex Types Jul 7, 2011

    The plastic fiber patch cables includes industry-standard 1 mm plastic optical core fiber for short distance applications.

  2. MT Waterproof Distribution Fiber Patch Cable Jul 7, 2011

    This fiber patch cable have been designed to allow for a high degree of flexibility and customization by providing virtually limitless options.

  3. Armored Laser Optimized 10G Fiber Patch Cable Jul 7, 2011

    By virtually eliminating differential mode delay (DMD), LOMMF cable assemblies can transmit data up to 300 meters at 10 Gb/s, without the need for node re-interpretation.

  4. Polarization maintaining Fiber Patch Cable FC/ST/LC/SC Manufacturer Jul 7, 2011

    PM fiber is commonly utilized in the telecommunications, sensor, and specialized photonics industries.

  5. Multimode to Single mode Transfer Fiber Patch Cable Jul 7, 2011

    These fiber patch cables are required where Gigabit 1000 Base-LX routers and switches are installed into existing multimode cable plants.

  6. FTTX Bending Insensitive Fiber Optic Patch Cables SC/LC/ST/FC Supplier Jul 7, 2011

    bend-insensitive fibers optic patch cables do not experience extensive transmission loss when bent to a high degree.