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GBIC Module Tech Nov 29, 2011

About this company

GBIC Module Tech
New Sharaf Bldg. (Dubai Islamic Bank Bldg.) 1st Floor Near Bur Juman Shopping Centre
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 397 23 3

Supplier of laser components, optic transceivers and modules. Dubai.


Products from this company

  1. 3CSFP91 for 3Com Transceiver Modules Dec 7, 2011

    3CSFP91 for 3Com compatible transceivers.

  2. SFP-100-BXLC-U for 3RD Compatible Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    SFP-100-BXLC-U for 3RD Compatible Transceivers.

  3. OM-10GNI-SR xenpak for Alcatel-lucent Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    OM-10GNI-SR xenpak for Alcatel-lucent compatible transceivers.

  4. AT-XPER40 for Allied Telesis Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    AT-XPER40 for Allied-telesis compatible transceivers.

  5. XBR-000174 for Brocade Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    XBR-000174 for Brocade compatible transceivers.

  6. M8001-1000SX for Avaya Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    M8001-1000SX for Avaya compatible transceivers.

  7. ONS-SE-4G-MM for Cisco Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    ONS-SE-4G-MM for Cisco compatible transceivers.

  8. 790-10070 for Dell Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    790-10070 for Dell compatible transceivers.

  9. MGBIC-MT01 for Enterasys Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    MGBIC-MT01 for Enterasys compatible transceivers.

  10. 10302 SFP for Extreme Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    10302 sfp for Extreme compatible transceivers.

  11. OC192-XFP-LR2 for Foundry XFP Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    OC192-XFP-LR2 for Foundry compatible transceivers.

  12. 10GSFP GP for Force10 Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    GP-10GSFP-1S for Force10 compatible transceivers.

  13. J4858B for HP Transceiver Switches Dec 7, 2011

    J4858B for HP compatible transceivers.

  14. TXN17430 for Intel Transceiver Routers Dec 7, 2011

    TXN17430 for Intel compatible transceivers.

  15. MFEFX1 for Linksys SFP Modules Dec 7, 2011

    MFEFX1 for Linksys compatible transceivers.

  16. 100G-ITV-2KLG-NA for Mcafee GBIC Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    2KLG-NA-100G for Mcafee compatible transceivers.

  17. SU68AD for Marconi SFP Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    SU68AD for Marconi compatible transceivers.

  18. JX-SFP-1GE-T for Juniper Transceiver Switches Dec 7, 2011

    JX-SFP-1GE-T for Juniper compatible transceivers.

  19. MGBSX SFP for TRENDnet TEG Modules Dec 7, 2011

    TRENDnet TEG-MGBSX,Trendnet compatible transceivers.

  20. PL-XXL-SC-S45-21 for Qlogic XFP Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    PL-XXL-SC-S45-21,q-logic compatible transceivers.

  21. SMCBGZLCX1 SFP for SMC Networks Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    SMCBGZLCX1 for SMC Networks compatible transceivers.

  22. ASM-SE8-GBIC for Redback Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    ASM-SE8-GBIC-SX,Redback compatible transceivers.

  23. NTK591SH for Nortel SFP Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    Nortel NTK591SH for Nortel compatible transceivers.

  24. AXM762 for Netgear SFP plus Modules Dec 7, 2011

    AXM762 for Netgear compatible transceivers.

  25. 550m-SFP-SX for ZYXEL Transceivers Dec 7, 2011

    ZYXEL SFP-SX 500m sfp for zyxel compatible transceivers.