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SemiTEq JSC Dec 3, 2013

About this company

Engels avenue, 27, bld. 5, lit.A
Russian Federation

Tel: +2 812 633 05 96

SemiTEq is the Russian brand which covers wide range of HV and UHV equipment.


Products from this company

  1. STE75 MBE System for III-V, II-VI and III-N compounds growth Dec 3, 2013

    New compact MBE System for III-V, II-VI and III-N compounds growth

  2. STE3N3 MBE System for III-Nitrides growth Dec 3, 2013

    Advanced MBE Systems for high-temperature epitaxial growth of III-Nitrides

  3. STE35 MBE System for conventional semiconductors growth in A3B5 systems Dec 3, 2013

    STE35 is a modern technological platform for precise growth of epitaxial layers on wafers with diameter of 2”, 3”, 100 mm, as well as three 2” wafers on the same platen.

  4. STE3526 Two-reactor MBE complex for growth of hybrid heterostructures А3В5/А2В6 Dec 3, 2013

    Two-reactor STE3526 MBE System is specially designed for growth of hybrid heterostructures А3В5/А2В6 taking into account all specific of MBE growth of these material systems.

  5. STE ICP Technological platform for plasma chemical etching and deposition Dec 3, 2013

    STE ICP series is intended in two basic modifications: STE ICPe (Plasma Chemical Etching) and STE ICPd (PECVD). Maximum diameter of wafers is up to 200 mm with possibility of using free shape samples.

  6. STE EB71 Automated station for E-Beam evaporation Dec 3, 2013

    The system design enables to integrate it into multipurpose UHV cluster process line. Maximum quantity of wafers: 3х3” or 6х2”.

  7. STE MS105 Versatile Magnetron Sputtering System Dec 3, 2013

    Versatile System for the deposition processes in vacuum using magnetron sputtering technique. STE MS105 System is designed in accordance with all modern principles of magnetron PVD processing.

  8. STE RTA100 System for thermal processing Dec 3, 2013

    System for rapid thermal annealing process of semiconductor wafers in inert atmosphere

  9. STE RTP150 System for rapid thermal processing Dec 3, 2013

    System for high-temperature treatment of semiconductor wafers in controlled gas, vacuum, oxidizingor deoxidizing atmosphere