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Huihong Technologies Limited Mar 11, 2015

About this company

Huihong Technologies Limited

Huihong Technologies Limited specializes in fiber optic cable assemblies and fiber optic network devices manufacturing since 1995.


Products from this company

  1. SFP plus 10G,SR,LRM,LR,ER,ZR,CWDM,DWDM,BIDI Transceivers Oct 7, 2015

    SFP 10G,SR,LRM,LR,ER,ZR,CWDM,DWDM,BIDI SFP 10G transceivers, fast delivery and factory price, 100% tested for compatibility.

  2. OM4 Fiber Optic Patch Cable SC/ST/LC/FC/MU/E2000/MPO/MTP Oct 7, 2015

    OM4 fiber optic patch cables, duplex/simplex, SC/FC/ST/LC/MU/MTRJ/E2000, MTP/MPO, Multimode, OM4 50/125 optical fiber patch cord, LSZH, OFNR, OFNP.

  3. OM3 Fiber Optic Patch Cable SC/ST/LC/FC/MU/E2000/MPO/MTP Oct 7, 2015

    We supply OM3 50/125 multimode fiber optic cables that are compliant to ISO/IEC 11801 standards. They are used for 10Gbps networks to meet the requirement of continuous growing of high data rates.

  4. XFP CWDM, DWDM, 10G,XFP,8G, Bidi Fiber Optic Transceivers Oct 7, 2015

    XFP transceiver is a small form factor hot pluggable module designed for 10G network applications including 10Gig Ethernet and fibre channel.

  5. Bend Insensitive Fiber Optic Patch Cable SC/ST/LC/FC/MU/E2000/MPO/MTP Oct 7, 2015

    Now bend insensitive fiber cables are available in single mode G657 a1, G657 a2, G657 b1, G657 b2, Multimode OM2, Multimode OM3, Multimode OM4.

  6. Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable SC/ST/LC/FC/MU/E2000/MPO/MTP Oct 7, 2015

    we supply armored fiber optic patch cable and armored fiber optic patch cord, single mode,multimode,SC,FC,ST,LC,MU,MTRJ,UPC,APC,simplex,duplex,9/125,50/125,62.5/125.

  7. Multi Fiber Patch Cable Assembly SC/ST/LC/FC/MU/E2000/MPO/MTP Oct 7, 2015

    MTP,MPO,LC,SC,FC,ST,MU,E2000,MTRJ,UPC,APC,Single mode, Multimode,1XN and NXN types multi fiber optic cable assemblies made by Huihong Technologies Limited.

  8. MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Patch Cable Oct 7, 2015

    We make MPO-MPO,MPO-LC,MPO-SC,MPO-ST,MPO-FC,MPO-MTRJ,fiber optic patch cable,fiber optic cable assemblies,UPC,APC,PC,single mode,multimode,ribbon fan out,bundle.

  9. Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable Mar 18, 2015

    armored fibre optic patch cables are designed for being used in harsh environment ,in which the traditional standard fiber optic patch cable can not fit and can not get good performance.

  10. OM3 Fiber Optic Patch Cable Mar 18, 2015

    they can be terminated with various kinds of connectors like LC,SC,FC,ST,MU,MTRJ,E2000 etc ,they support bandwidth up to 10GB.

  11. Multi Fiber Cable Assembly Mar 18, 2015

    Single cable assembly with multiple fiber terminations,Multiple fiber construction types,SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connector types optional.

  12. Waterproof Fiber Optic Cables Mar 18, 2015

    Waterproof fiber optic cable assemblies with SC,FC,APC,UPC,LC,ST,MU,MTRJ,E2000,9/125,SM, multimode,MM, 50/125, 62.5/125,offered by Huihong Technologies Limited.

  13. Fiber Optic Splitter Mar 18, 2015

    Fused fiber splitter, PLC splitter,LGX fiber optic splitter box, fiber optic splitter patch panels.

  14. Fiber Optic Loopback Cables Mar 18, 2015

    For the testing applications, the loopback signal is used for diagnosing a problem. Sending a loopback test to network equipment, one at a time, is a technique for isolating a problem.

  15. Fiber Optic Adapters Mar 18, 2015

    Fiber adapters simplex and duplex types, single mode and multimode styles. These fiber adapters are UPC (for SMF and MMF) and APC types (for SMF), most of them are with zirconia sleeves.

  16. SFP Transceiver Module Mar 18, 2015

    SFP modules are used on switches or routers as media conversion port.

  17. 10G SFP-plus Transceivers Mar 18, 2015

    SFP plus is an upgraded version of the small form pluggable transceivers. SFP plus target at the application of 10Gbps Ethernet and 8.5Gbps Fibre channel.

  18. GBIC Transceiver Module Mar 18, 2015

    The GBIC transceivers are suitable for interconnections in the Gigabit Ethernet hubs and switches environment.

  19. XFP Transceiver Mar 18, 2015

    XFP transceivers are with dual LC interface and the industrial acknowledged standards for XFP is called XFP MSA (Multi Source Agreement).

  20. Xenpak Transceivers Mar 18, 2015

    Xenpak is the early model of 10G transceiver using SC fiber connector port.

  21. X2 Transceiver Mar 18, 2015

    X2 10Gb modules are used in 10Gigabit applications including Ethernet and Fibre channel.

  22. 1X9 Fiber Optic Transceiver Mar 18, 2015

    We supply 1X9 Single Mode Fiber Optical Transceiver and 1X9 Multi mode Fiber Optical Transceiver, RoHS compliant fiber optic transceiver modules.

  23. Fiber Splice Closure Mar 18, 2015

    Fiber splice closure is a fiber management products typically used with outdoor fiber optical cables.

  24. Fiber Splice Sleeves Mar 18, 2015

    These fiber optic fusion splice sleeves are transparent color, so it is easy to view the joint point inside it, strengthen member is made by stainless steel.

  25. Fiber Splice Tray Mar 18, 2015

    The trays are stackable and can be mounted using two #6 screws; they can be used one on top of another to form a layer structure inside the fiber optic enclosures.

  26. Fiber Optic Distribution Frame Mar 18, 2015

    The optical distribution frames are modulized design with siding type trays inside and these ODF could be pre-installed with various kinds of fiber optic adapters and pigtails.

  27. Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes Mar 18, 2015

    Smaller size fiber optic box, the terminal box, is also used for fiber optic distribution and organization.

  28. MTP/MPO Ribbon Fiber Patch Cables Mar 18, 2015

    Based on single ferrule MT technology, the ribbon fiber optic cable assemblies provide up to 72 fiber connections in a single point, reducing the physical space and labor requirement.

  29. Fiber Optical Power Meter Mar 18, 2015

    This hand held type fiber optic test equipment features ingenious appearance,wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self calibration function.

  30. Fiber Optical Light Sources Mar 18, 2015

    This fiber optic light source features compact size and decent appearance, it is small size and light in weight, with high stable output power, large LCD display window and easy operation.

  31. Fiber Optic Multimeter Mar 18, 2015

    This fiber optic multimeter is small in weight (net 300g) and measurement. (180mmx90mmx36.5mm) And is a useful tool for fiber optic network maintenance and testing.

  32. Fiber Optic Fault Locator Mar 18, 2015

    Designed with a FC,SC,ST universal adapter, this fiber fault locator is used without any other type of additional adapters ,it can locates fault up to 10km in fiber cable.

  33. Fiber Optic Identifier Mar 18, 2015

    it is a wonderful and much economic tool used in fiber optic network maintenance to check fiber fault without interrup the fiber transmission.

  34. Fiber Optical Talk Set Mar 18, 2015

    These fiber talk set are with rechargeable battery and power supply adapter, the fiber optic talk set battery operating time is up to 5 hours max.

  35. Variable Fiber Attenuator Mar 18, 2015

    the variable fiber optic attenuator is with simultaneous LCD display of wavelength, input power, output power, current attenuation and selected attenuation step.

  36. Fiber Optic Ranger Mar 18, 2015

    The fiber optic ranger is much smaller size and lighter weight compared to the fiber optic OTDR, and it is much more cost effective. They are used in fiber links troubleshooting, maintenance and test.

  37. 10/100M Fiber Optic Media Converter Mar 18, 2015

    It can extend the transmission distance to several kilometers or hundred kilometers. It is an economical solution to achieve long distance transmission base on current status.

  38. Gigabit Fiber Media Converter Mar 18, 2015

    Gigabit converter is available both single mode type and multimode type, these 1000M converters are used in Gigabit Ethernet as copper to fiber conversion equipment.

  39. 10/100/1000M Fiber Optic Media Converter Mar 18, 2015

    Our 10/100/1000base fiber optic media converter feature its auto negotiation and the stability. They act as economic fiber to copper media conversion devices in the Ethernet.

  40. Fiber Optic Mode Converter Mar 18, 2015

    these bi-directional converters could be used individually to connect 100Base-FX or 1000Base-FX multimode devices, or in pairs at each end of long-distance single mode fiber links.

  41. SFP Ethernet Fiber Converter Mar 18, 2015

    These converters are Auto-negotiation, support and compliant to the standards of IEEE for the Ethernet data transmission.

  42. RS485/RS422/RS232 Serial to MMF Converters Mar 18, 2015

    This serial to fiber converters can transform signals between RS485/RS422/RS232 and optical fiber.

  43. RS485/RS422/RS232 Serial to SMF Converter Mar 18, 2015

    Auto sense serial signal rate Zero delay automatic transmit Supply three inferface (RS485/RS422/RS232),conversion between SMF and serial signals.

  44. Fiber Optic Tools Mar 18, 2015

    Fiber optic tools are various types used in the fiber optic installation and maintenance works. There are splicing fiber optic tools, test fiber optic tools and cleaning fiber optic tools.

  45. Fiber Media Converter Chassis Mar 18, 2015

    14 slot type media converter chassis could use stand alone type converter to plug into it, 16 slot media converter chassis use is slot type converter to plug into it.

  46. Mode Conditioning Fiber Patch Cable Mar 18, 2015

    Mode conditioning cable are designed for Gigabit Ethernet multimode applications at 1300nm wavelength; the application standard is IEEE 802.3z.

  47. PLC Fiber Splitter Mar 18, 2015

    they are with a wide range of working wavelength from 1260nm to 1620nm. feature compact size and very good optical performance.

  48. Blockless Fiber Splitters Mar 18, 2015

    Blockless PLC splitters are with compact stainless tube package, they are important products used in FTTx projects.

  49. LGX Optical Splitters Mar 18, 2015

    The strong metal body protects the parts and splitters components inside the closure, while there are pre-teminated adapters on the LGX box to connect to outside equipment.

  50. Rack Mount Optical Splitters Mar 18, 2015

    The rack PLC splitters suit for the indoor or outdoor applications in FTTx projects, CATV or data communication centers.