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Smart Polymer Systems

About this event

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56 May 2010
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Registration deadline
May 6, 2010
iSmithers/ Smithers Rapra

Smart Polymer Systems 2010 is iSmithers’ first international industry conference on stimuli responsive polymers. These material systems repeatedly dramatically react to small changes in their external environment in a predictable manner.

With an immensely wide range of potential applications; biomembranes, intelligent textiles, tissue engineering and smart coatings to name a few – the same thing that makes these materials so exciting, is also the barrier to their commercialisation.

Day one of the conference is inviting presentations on the biotechnological applications and developments of smart material systems – the industry that has most commercialised these novel materials.

Day two will be focussing on stimuli more suited to applications outside of medicine which are now ripe for commercialisation and will be interested in presentations that will look at the materials, processing and applications of these smart material systems.