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Impact of Novel Technologies on Shelf-Life of Food

About this event

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13 Sep 2012
London, United Kingdom
NanoKTN, Biosciences KTN, Leatherhead Food International
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United Kingdom

The development of novel technologies has been identified by the EU as one of the main solutions to the sustainability of food for the future. These are being applied in the area of packaging, with the use of new packaging materials with
enhanced barrier. Active Packaging and Intelligent or Smart Packaging may
incorporate sensors to monitor the condition of the food. In addition there are new developments in accelerated tests to determine more accurately the shelf-life of
foods, and novel processes that can deliver safe high quality foods.

This workshop, co-organised by NanoKTN, Biosciences KTN and Leatherhead Food Research, will bring experts in packaging, processing and shelf-life testing, together with manufacturers and retailers to review and debate how novel and nano-enabled technologies can be used to predict, monitor and facilitate extensions in the shelf-life of food.

Who Should Attend?
Food supply chain, Retailers, Food manufacturers, Equipment storage suppliers & Product development.