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The Smart Building of the Future - Using Nano, smart and advanced materials in design, innovation and construction

About this event

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16 Feb 2012
London, United Kingdom
Registration deadline
Feb 16, 2012
Institute of Nanotechnology
Contact address
Gemma Morton
Suite 5/9 Scion House
United Kingdom
01786 458075

We are now living in an era where different technologies are converging to provide exciting new opportunities and products across almost all business sectors.

Construction and building is now a major investor in novel technologies in a number of areas:
• new materials, often incorporating nanomaterials, offer reduced weight, greater strength and durability, better performance, reduced costs, and the replacement of many environmentally-damaging materials and processes;
• advanced and enabling technologies underpin a variety of new applications in areas such solar, wind and kinetic energy harvesting, self-cleaning glass and other building components, pollution reduction, energy storage and energy conservation;
• a wide range of sensor and networking technologies help buildings respond to both the environment and to the needs of their users in “smart” ways.

This exciting one-day interactive workshop will showcase a number of fascinating new technologies and solutions in the fields of novel materials, applications, sensing and networking and leading experts will explain how these technologies will help transform building design, construction and usability.

The workshop will be of particular interest to businesses and individuals engaged in building design and engineering, construction companies, local authorities and planning departments, students and those promoting a greener urban environment.